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Ash Ketchum in Pokemon GO on April Fool’s day

Pokemon go just wrapped with a limited time research task, and now its Bug Out event is scheduled for April 2nd. Fans are eagerly waiting for the event, but before that Niantic has a special appearance from anime in the game for April Fool’s day gag. Players are reporting that Ash Ketchum is photobombing their snapshot pictures. He appears is appearing in front of Pokemon, wearing his classic hat and original Pokemon anime outfit.

Ash Ketchum in Pokemon GO

Ash Ketchum In Pokemon Go
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Ash Ketchum aka Satoshi is the protagonist of long-running Pokemon anime series. As Pokemon Go and anime series have no ties with each other, this crossover makes the April Fool’s day special.

However, Ash won’t appear until midnight on April 1, when April Fool’s day kicks off. To order to find Ash, players have to use their Pokemon Go Snapshot feature to take pictures of their Pokemon and check if Ash has photobombed them. He is already appearing in the game where it’s already April 1st while others will have to wait.

Ash is not only one to appear in the game as Ash Hat  Pikachu will also photobomb players. Either of Ash or Pikachu photobombing the players will spawn Ash Hat Pikachu in the game, giving players a chance to capture this limited time costumed Pokemon.

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