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Assassin’s Creed Origin new update get new difficulty and many more

Assassin’s Creed is very successful and latest entry in the series. It received huge appreciation for its gameplay features and graphics.The game will receive its new update this month. This update will introduce many features like horde mode quest, new difficulty, enemy scaling and many more. According to the reveal by Ubisoft here are the details of the December update of the game.


Nightmare Mode: Game will a new difficulty level called Nightmare Mode. In this mode now enemy will become more resilient and more dangerous. It is called

Enemy Scaling: This mode in the game automatically the lower level enemies to your level.

There are also two quests in this update.

Horde mode: This mode will add to the Cyrena arena to the event quest Here comes a New Challenger. It will introduce a wave of foes towards you to take you out. You’ll have to take out them and you shall have level 32 in game or higher for this mode.


Other quest is the surprise one and it will uncover only after the update release.

One more god in Trials Of The Gods: In November player fight with two gods Anubis and Sobek in two trails of the gods. Now they will join by third god t the warrior goddess herself, Sekhmet. Furthermore, you will have a chance to confront the Trio of the gods in the update.

In-Store Updates:  In-store updates will have two update :

  1. Credits:Ubisoft.com

    Gladiator Items Pack: It will available on December 12. It will include Spaniard’s Armor, the Palladium shield, Hercules’ Gladius (sword), Labrys (heavy blade) and Neptune’s Grasp (spear).

  2. Wacky Items Pack: It will available on December 26.It will feature a  mount and four weapons.

No release date is given by Ubisoft but this update will come out sometime in this month. Read the post by Ubisoft here.


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Source: Ubisoft

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