Assassin’s Creed Origins launched its major story DLC update earlier this week. The Hidden Ones DLC is all about the journey of Bayek, after the main campaign.

What is The Hidden Ones? – It is the first major story DLC for AC Origins. It is released on 23 January 2018.

Where Can you Buy it? – It is available for purchase on PlayStation store as a Season pass for 3330INR (Includes both the expansions) and also the DLC is available to buy as a standalone for 832INR.

The Hidden Ones is set after the main campaign has ended.It will take you 4years later in the game where Bayek is on the journey with the hidden ones.The main story ended on the note where Bayek and Aya decided that the world needs saving from the shadows – created The Hidden Ones (Assassins). Now people are aware of the name in the game but nobody believed it as they haven’t seen any of them and yes that’s the whole point of it.

The Hidden Ones DLC
Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones DLC

The whole point of the story is to end the corrupt who are butchering people, tearing-down Pyramids, attacking villages. Bayek is after all of them who are after the Assassin’s too and that’s a twist.As per the story goes there are bits which don’t make sense to me personally.The Duat was the place for justice but in this DLC, there was a time Bayek was helpless and shocked when the enemy was on a Stronghold inside a duat saying “The Order is Eternal”.

Assassin’s creed Origins is a strong take on the series and with this DLC out, the story is even bigger and we look forward to another expansion later this year.

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