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Assassin’s Creed Origins Review !! The pharaohs of Egyptian Sands

Assassin’s Creed Origins Review

October’s one of the bestselling game was shadow of war and just behind it, the story of
bayek. Ubisoft brought us a new adventure as they have taken Assassin’s creed to Egypt.
Spending 28 hours and instead of doing main story line i was distracted so much doing side
quests and leveling up the character.

Every street corner, temples, pyramids are worth spending hours on.

There are some of the things which are different from the other assassin’s creed:

1. No- Mini Map: Typical mini map on the left bottom side of the screen has been eliminated by the team and the only thing you are going to see is skyrim-like marker on the top of the screen.
2. Skill tree: Now this time around, Ubisoft came up with the full skill tree for the character, as if you want to throw enemies weapon to other enemies, you have to spend ability-point to learn that skill.
3. One-One Fights: Unlike other assassin’s creed game, this one features a combat mode
where you fight with a camera angle dedicated just to you (Witcher 3 Reference). Just like any other RPG, dodge and attack.
4. Bigger Bosses: We had seen some bigger enemies in black flag but this time we are
talking about really big snake. Also, ubisoft introduced a Gladiator-mode, where you are going to fight waves of enemies.
5. Deeper quests: I was so distracted doing side quests that i barely done any main quests. This time around, quests are more engaging and fun. Unlike other games in the franchise, origins offer players to explore, sometimes question marks are connected to bayek own personal life.
6. Improved Eagle view: Remember Far cries Primal? Now that eagle (Senu) is improved and able to mark enemies (obviously) but you can improve senu’s vision in the game to alert you when you are near the enemy or finding hidden chests and spots.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Review


Protagonist, Bayek of Siwa is a Medjay. He wants to protect people as medjay are obliged to do so. Medjay was an ultimate Egyptian military who acted as sworn guardians of the pharaoh. Story revolves around him at first & it’s ok to say that bayek acts like a sheriff for his community. Layla, who is connected to Bayek through animus. Aya and Bayek are working together to find the corrupt related to their personal
life(major spoiler). Cleopatra’s help leads bayek to assassinate anyone while holding a badge. After a while, Layla discovers a connection between her and Aya (bayek’s wife). Able to play as both the characters, who are controlling everything around them in Egypt is pretty crazy. The story is gripping, whether it’s bigger boss fights or killing same size enemies with just a feather is worth a watch. As the references are similar to the real events, it lets you wonder what’s going to happen next.


Assassin’s creed origins is a fresh take when it comes to game play mechanics. It is perfect to say that they have beautifully integrated Destiny 2 and Witcher 3 and i don’t mind that. Learning from better games and eliminating their flaws, assassin’s creed origins won’t disappoint you. When it comes to combat, you can see blood shed right before your eyes. This time around the map of origins is pretty big as there are areas still to come in upcoming DLC. Riding a camel or a horse on a busy street of Alexandria is fun. You can raid
on-going enemies for wood which leads you to craft easily or you can buy some from merchants too.
It took time for me to discover the pyramids but worth the wait. Pyramids are a different story altogether, every other pyramid has a secret lair, chests and the story of the assassin’s brotherhood. There are still some places i have not explored. Origins have a rich wildlife – hyenas, snakes, hippopotamus and crocodiles will hunt you when go near with a motive of killing them for crafting material or completing a quest. It is quite fun to just fight your way to a castle, despite the higher level enemies, i loved to challenge myself to see how far can i go. The in-game mechanics are great and it gives you ease in completing the mission.


Assassin’s creed origins is very refreshing and challenging too of course when you’re
being chased by Phylakes. The idea of being able to educate us on Egypt, this time ubisoft got it perfectly right. Whether its loot crate we are after or hidden treasure, ubisoft made grinding a lot of
fun. The lore itself is astoundingly clever. Assassin’s creed origins won’t disappoint you, if you a fan or just a noob to its big universe.Lastly, it will be worth of your every Penny.

Final Verdict – 9.5/10

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