ASUS Precog notebook with Dual-Displays Showcased at Computex 2018

Asus Precog Notebook
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ASUS launched the most awaited Gaming smartphone the Asus ROG at the Computex 2018 along with the Asus Gaming laptops. Not only this Asus showcased and surprised everyone by ASUS Precog, a hybrid notebook housed with dual screens packed with smart features. However the device is still a concept, means it’s mass production has not yet started, but already promises to shake the market by giving a clue as to what should be the notebooks of the future.

Asus precog Notebook
Asus precog Notebook

One of the most touted feature of Precog is its ability to sense when the user’s hands approach the bottom screen. With this, it automatically displays a virtual keyboard, allowing a conventional use of the device. This is guaranteed by the Intel Movidius processor, which offers power and intelligence to spare for the ASUS hybrid.

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In addition, plugging in the physical keyboard and mouse also automatically changes the system behaviour,  after which it can be used as traditional two-monitor PC. According to the company, the new device will also be able to optimize the recharge of the battery according to the time of day – possibly it learns alone the most used times in order to leave save forces when they are really necessary.

Asus precog Notebook

ASUS Precog is a fully foldable device that can be used as a traditional notebook at 90 ° angulation, 180 ° stretched as two sheets of notebook or even in 360 ° mode, like a conventional tablet. The ASUS Precog is still a concept, but the company aims to bring it to the market in 2019.

Asus precog notebook

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