Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is not in the mood to disappoint the fans these days. A full war is broke out between the Survey Corps and the Marley with their Titan shifters. Eren Jaeger is no mood to spare them, he with Survey corps are going full against the Marley to ensure their victory. Attack On Titan 104 of the manga came out a few days early and fans are rejoicing about it. Eren isn’t the only Titan from the side of the Survey Corps who made an appearance in the chapter. Yes, a new colossal titan just appears in Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) from the side of survey corps. This post contains huge spoilers for the fans who only watch Attack On Titan anime and waiting for Attack On Titan Season 3.

Chapter 104 follows Eren Jaeger as he continues to fight in his Titan form. The boy has declared war against Marley after the country framed Paradis as their true enemy. The sudden ambush left Marley scrambling, but its slew of Titan Shifters came out to defend their home.

Attack On Titan 104 Spoilers Alert!!

Attack On Titan: A New Colossus Titan Form Appears

The Attack On Titan Chapter 104 begins with showing a new colossal titan. Armin Arlert reveals his Colossus Titan form and moves through a sea of wreckage. He Transformed in the previous chapter and decimated a part of Marley’s forces. His version of the Colossus Titan looks different from the One Bertholt has. Armin who was a wild Titan now become a titan shifter that has a Colossus Titan form. Armin still the has ability to make the Colossus Titan form special from others. His one has extraordinary size and second, his form has more heat and explosive power by which he destoryed Marley’s naval forces.

Jean Missed The Shot To Kill Cart Titan aka Pieck

During the ambush of the Survey Corps on the Marley’s Titan Shifters Jean missed a huge opportunity for killing the Cart Titan aka Pieck. After missing the shot on neck Jean wondered himself why he missed that. He thinks that he purposely shifts his shot? or the steam shifts the attack?. The nature of Jean is doubtful in the manga.

Pieck then saved by the  Bertholt and some soldiers immediately. Pieck was badly injured and start regenerating but very slow.

Attack Titan Vs Jaw Titan: The Powe Of Jaws Of A Titan

Eren Jaeger continues to fight in his Titan form. He encounters with the Jaw Titan who jumped from the roof by dodging an attack from survey corps. Then, Porco Galliard showcases the power of Jaw Titan. Eren strengthened his fist and rushed towards him but he destroys the hands of Eren by his Jaws. But Eren made a trap with the help of Misaka and finally kills the Warhammer Titan in between their fight.

Attack On Titan 104: Warhammer Titan Dies

During his fight against the jaw titan, the nameless Tybur girl an inheritor to Warhammer titan encased herself in coffin-like Annie did in past in order to prevent herself from being eaten by Eren. But, Eren cleverness finally ends her life.

Bertholt was along with Pieck and finding out where Reiner is. Gabi told him that Zeke is paralyzed. Udo and Zofia and many others are killed by Eren. When they get close to the window they witnessed a shocking scene for them.

During the brutal fight against Jaw Titan Eren noticed the power of his jaws and he made out a plan to take out the Warhammer titan who encased herself in the coffin. When Jaw Titan saw a ship coming to retrieve the survey corps he runs toward ship but suddenly his legs get slashed by survey corps. Taking advantage of the moment Eren placed the girl’s coffin in the Jaw Titan’s mouth and forcibly closed his jaw. That moment was seen by everyone when the Warhammer Tian crushed by Jaw Titan’s jaw and her blood spread everywhere when she explodes. The burst directly fed in the mouth of Eren as he drank her spinal fluid with blood making him as a new holder of the Warhammer Titan.

Reiner Rise Again In Order To Save Jaw Titan

Almost all titan shifters get killed or badly injured by the Eren and Survey corps and Eren is not in the mood of sparing each and every enemy. After killing Warhammer Titan once again he attacked Jaw Titan. Berthelot shouts toward Reiner to save Porco aka Jaw Titan from being eaten by Eren. Finally, Reiner once again stands up and tries to stop Eren from eating Jaw Titan. He does not seem to have full strength, He attacks Eren but Eren cripple his armor very easily by one punch.

Eren runs out of his strength and taking advantage of that Reiner save Jaw Titan. Levi order Eren to leave the Marley. Both Levi and Eren starts flying towards the ship to go home.

Hange previously secured a hot air balloon ship and fly that to securely retrieve the survey corps. The hot air balloon is flying very low and too slow in the city and some soldiers of survey corps are protecting the ship from below to avoid any counterattack if happen. The Survey Corps is still under a threat of counter attack. Zeke’s conditions are still unknown. Maybe be able to stand up and make a move. On the other hand, Gabi is eager to kill Eren. While on other hand Eren is exhausted to use titan form. Survey Corps definitely will able to leave the Marley but there is still more probability of suffering casualties if counterattack begins.

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