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Attack On Titan 105 Spoilers- A Major Character Get Killed

Finally, Attack On Titan 105 chapter will go live on 8th May, thanks to Kodansha. But it seems that some people lost their patience to wait for the chapter and leaked them online on Twitter and Reddit. So, from them, we have a big Attack On Titan 105 Spoilers. Those who don’t read the manga or those who didn’t read the leaked sources yet. This post contains major Attack On Titan 105 Spoilers.

So, This post contains a major spoiler. You have been warned!!

According to the online leaks, many things happened in the Attack On Titan 105 chapter. After the war, Survey Corps begin to evacuate from  Marley. Eren Yeager gets rescued after beating War Hammer Titan and Mikasa Ackerman also get hands from Survey Corps to reach the blimp flying over the Marley. On the ground, Gabi completely lost her temper against Survey Corps and their action. She reminds her every friend dying in war. She thinks that people from the walls think the Eldian’s people nothing more than an enemy.

Falco tried to calm Dabi by saying it as a revenge of their enemies. He thinks that once Marley also invaded their enemies land. But Dabi sees the enemies as a danger to the world. Then she decides to kill all the enemies on the Blimp. She grabs a shotgun from the soldier and hitches his gear to the blimp and climb to the blimp. Then something shocking happens after that.

Attack On Titan Spoilers- Shasha Blouse Get Killed

So, Shasha Blouse is the latest member to get killed in Survey Corps. It occurs so suddenly that it was unavoidable. Gabi climb up to the blimp, Falco reminds his promise to save her and he goes up to the Blimp with her. Upon climbing to the Gabi suddenly shoots the first person without seeing for a moment from the point-blank range with Shotgun. The bullet hits Sasha and she fells to the floor as the bullet pierced her chest. After some moments she died. This a shock for whole survey corps to lose another talented soldier. A few moments earlier Sasha and Jean help Connie to retreat and the trio was celebrated to being alive. Now, Jean and Connie are in completely lost by the sudden demise of Sasha.

Attack On Titan Spoilers Continue…..

This is not only a shocking moment when Gabi and Falco meet the leader behind the Paradis’s Ambush in Marley they get utterly astonished. They lose themselves completely when they saw Zeke Yeager alive and mastermind behind the ambush. Zeke Yeager plots the ambush of Paradis to attack Marley with his aide Yellena. Their original plan meant to occupy the Jaw Titan and Cart Titan and Eren did same with Reiner. Survey Corps plan got spoiled when Eren use himself as a bait in front of War Hammer Titan to fulfil Zeke’s desire. But Zeke looks satisfied as they have two founding titans and one with royal blood.

The chapter ends with the Survey Corps flying away from Marley.

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