Attack On Titan 106 Spoilers- Annie Gets Free

After waiting a month Attack On Titan 106 chapter will finally live in coming days. Before that raw scans has been leaked which gives major Attack On Titan 106 Spoilers. Lets discuss the attack on titan chapter 106 spoilers leaked online.

These spoilers are translation of leaked scans of Attack On Titan 106

Attack On Titan 106 Spoilers

The latest scans has been leaked online on Reddit and on various websites. From the translations , the scene of the chapter will set in Paradis Island after a long time where Yelena will discuss there plans to rescue Eldian peoples and pattern of attack of Marley on them.

In the Attack On Titan 106 you’ll see the Shasha’s funeral and sad faces of everyone. The whole chapter is the aftermath of war with Marleyans. One surprise thing will happen in chapter 106  that Annie is now will free out of her crystal and will play a huge role in further story especially regarding Falco and Gabi who  are in the Jail.

You can read the leaked Attack On Titan 106 spoilers scans from Reddit and here are the rough translation of every page of chapter 106 by a Reddit user Organic Dinosaur.

Attack On Titan Chapter 106 Spoilers

Quick Summary

  • Eren lifting the ship out of the sea.

  • Marleyans jump ship.

  • Hanji is the one who’s SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC about welcomes…lol (And making friends with Nikolo)

  • Rando Marley dude shot to death by Yelena

  • Yelena and Onyankopon + Hanji and Levi tea time

  • Scene changed and they’re in the big summoning desk room.

  • That’s where they are debating this ‘deal’

  • Yelena on their hand crank phone thing, diverting their ships in a sneaky way.

  • Armin colossal titan burst from the sea.

  • Herds them all to Levi for capture.

  • Onyankopon is the one who explains God as they look over their engineer drafts.


  • Mikasa, Eren, Armin at the shooting range when they talk.

  • Sasha funeral and body.

  • Armin is holding a seashell, talking to Annie.

  • Levi and Zeke in a coach and talking.

  • Gabi and Falco in jail.

  • Mikasa is still at the tombstones from attending the funeral that day.

  • Eren actually looks more like Gabi in the mirror…lol~ He was washing his hair in the sink. But still went full man-bun.

Attack On Titan Chapter 106 Spoilers- Summary By Pages



If I were to tell you about something like this, I think that you’d get worried over it.

Captain…The team that we sent ahead of us would have landed about two hours ago, but there’s no news of them.

I know that…But the second and third reconnaissance teams are preparing for landing.

They’ve defeated the warrior corps as well. Those devils from the island are menaces to the world.

No matter what, that’s the reality of the situation that we’ll communicate back home to Marley.

I wanted to ask you something.


CH 106: Volunteer Soldiers

Translator: OrganicDinosaur

So at that time, three years ago…

By that time…Already, things had probably changed…

SPASH TEXT: Time winds back to before the invasion of Marley…


Hang in there!



It’s a devil…


Everyone from Marley…Hello!!

And welcome to Paradis Island!!

My name is Hanji!! // You’ve come all this way by crossing the ocean. We’re here to welcome you as guests!!

You must be so tired from your long trip!! So feel free to come right this way for some tea. Please enjoy yourselves!!


By the way, you’ll be one step ahead of the guests who’ll be arriving!!

We’ll be such close friends in no time!!

Don’t you think so too, Nikolo-kun!?


Captain!! // Please don’t worry about me and shoot down these devils!!

Wha!? What are you trying to say, Nikolo-kun!?

I don’t even feel like associating myself with your cheap drama.


Listen up, you devils!!

Marley won’t even lend an ear to you ‘Mudbloods’. // It’s not like I’m about to sit down and sip on a cup of pig’s piss with you filthy lot!!



Do you really think it’s okay!?

To say that kind of insult…!!

You didn’t even see the titan that’s behind you~~!?

Anyway, I wonder how you’ll escape from here~~!?


We won’t yield to the power of you devils!!

This is a greeting from Marley!!





…What is the meaning of this, Yelena!?

Toss away your weapons.

!?…You guys!?

Do as you’re told.



I’d be honoured to accept your invitation.

Let’s have tea.

I’ve wanted to meet you, Eren…


What the hell…are their intentions?

That huge girl shot her comrade to death…

Who knows…

It doesn’t matter if they’re allies or enemies, we definitely can’t trust them.

Don’t fall asleep, Sasha.

But… they should have talked it out amongst themselves.

It’s unbelievably good luck for us to obtain information from them.


We’re really lucky.

It was only by chance that I could obstruct the enemy from landing.

I had to do something about it…


Ehh…I see.

So that’s how this can even fire multiple shots…

That’s standard equipment issued to Marley’s soldiers.

Marley’s soldiers are composed of 20,000 people per division.

In total, there are 50 divisions. So roughly one million soldiers.

And in addition to that army, we have a total of 21 battleships amongst three fleets.

On the other hand, we also have remarkable weapon developments. // We’ve been concentrating our efforts on aviation war potential.




Don’t be so scared.

She’ll look down on us.


The point is that it’ll cross over the sea and walls. The enemy will appear from the skies as a mobile weapon.


Come from the skies!?


…So Marley posses this sort of power…

So for at least a year…

Why… didn’t they flat-out come to assault us?

There are primarily two reasons.

Even with state-of-the-art weapons to strike Paradis Island, the ‘Pure Titans’ are difficult obstacles to deal with for landing.

To Marley, it was our policy to confine the Eldian People within the walls. // But on the contrary, it’s because of their existence that Eldia was protected from the advancement of Marley.





However, // it’ll be dawn soon.. It’ll be time for the titans to become active, right?

Now it seems as though we can casually have tea outside the walls…

So all of the titans on the island have been killed.

…Is this the case?

If so, what will you do about it?

One way or another, Marley is informed of this?


That’s amazing.

It’s more than we expected.

.So what’s the second reason?


Because currently, Marley has broken into a state of war with several of our allied nations.

To be honest, we’re too preoccupied to even think about dealing with Paradis Island.

Originally, you all were the reason that war broke out, right?

The ‘Jaw Titan’ and the ‘Beast Titan’,

The pride of Marley’s team of warriors were defeated.

The ‘Colossal Titan’ and the ‘Female Titan’,

You snatched away the main weapons of Marley.

Marley happens to be the enemy of many nations. Foreign nations will unite in an instant to oppose them.

The war has only just begun.

And from your perspective, the people from the devastated countries hold a grudge against Marley.

You seem to be a spy who infiltrated Marley’s army…is that right?


I- I’m right?

No wonder Marley was betrayed.

It was due to your own motives and the fact that you don’t have support, right?

In terms of intel and such…

Well, we shouldn’t call it something like that.

My hometown was snatched away by Marley, and then we were drafted as soldiers. We were completely powerless…

We were in a situation where we were losing our strong will to rebel against this large nation.

That is…

Until he guided us…


A fearsome titan who was called a devil by the people of the world and Marley.

But to me, he looked like something else completely different.

He’s a God.

We were helpless, but he showed us that there was hope.


We shot down a high-ranking officer under the orders of Zeke Yeager. We are volunteer soldiers from the anti-Marley faction.

Our purpose…

Is for the liberation of the Eldian people.


Zeke Yeager’s demands as are follows:

Within the time that he has left, he is to be accepted by Paradis Island.

And then with his younger half-brother, who is endowed with the ‘Founding Titan’…

He is to meet with Eren Yeager.


On the condition that the safety of Paradis Island is guaranteed.

We will begin to offer the latest technology for weaponry.

And we will also become intermediaries to existing friendly nations.

And provide support for intelligence gathering as it relates to Marley.


It’s not certain that anyone or anything will survive… Even though the survival of the Eldian people is our objective.

That’s out of the question!!

Are you seriously buying into such a stupid story!!

Our enemy is the ‘Beast Titan’, right!?

He transformed the villagers of Ragako into titans!!

He stuck fear into everyone within the walls!!

Wasn’t he the ringleader who massacred the Survey Corps until they were on the verge of being annihilated!?

Such impudence! How dare he…

Their motive has been consistent from the beginning: to recover the ‘Founding Titan’.

It’s not like we’d resort to friendly talk and negotiations just because brute force didn’t work.

That’s something that the enemy should be aware of as well.

But firstly, we ought to listen to the terms of the leader from their delegation.

I’ll continue.

With Zeke,

We’ll resolve all of the Eldian people’s problems in a single blow.

A ‘Secret Plan’ was left behind.


In order to conduct that ‘Secret Plan’, it requires some things.

The ‘Founding Titan’,

And a ‘Titan who possesses the blood of the Royal Family’

If those two were to be assembled, the world would then be saved.


That ‘Secret Plan’ will be divulged and can only be done once all the conditions have been met.

…I can’t stand listening to it.

It’s something that we’ll severely underestimate…


It’s true.


I remember it.

Just once, I was able to active the power of the ‘Founding Titan’.

For a moment, I came in contact with ‘A titan possesses the blood of the Royal Family’

The face of that titan was the same as the person in the photograph that my father left behind. // It was the same as Dina Fritz’s face.

By chance on that day, for an instant, I touched Dina Fritz who was wandering as a Pure Titan. // So that predicament was theorized.


In other words, it’s clear that Dina’s son is Zeke, right?

As a mean to circumvent the ‘Vow to Renounce War’.

It’s the only hope left for us Eldian people.

There are tens of millions of titans that are dormant within the walls. The titans will trample the world.

That condition is the activation of the ‘Earthen Rumbling’.




Why have you been so silent on such a matter until now?

Because I was anxious thinking of Historia’s state.

I couldn’t let her become a titan based on my unreliable information.

I thought about this.

It was a rash decision, but it’ll admit to it.

…We’ll listen closely to that later.

But… if we were to assume this to be true…

That means…

This would be consistent with Zeke’s ‘Secret Plan’.

Are you sane!?

You feel as though we can trust those guys!?


He’s right!! There are many enemies. You won’t know what will happen if you stay on the island.

All of them should be hung to death.

No…We can’t do that either.

In order to protect this island from Marley’s reconnaissance ships,

We need the power of the volunteer soldiers.

And her comrades.

If we don’t have ‘Wireless Communications’…

We are the first reconnaissance ship team…

Please respond.


We are the second reconnaissance ship team…

Thank goodness…We are stranded… Please quickly send help…

We’ll head straight your way. Send over your location info.

Understood. That inlet, eh?

What’s the plan?

Relax. Two reconnaissance ships are headed your way.



Are you safe!?

You’ll be alright!!


The ‘Colossal Titan’!?


That’s the enemy!!

The ship is done for!!


Jump in!!


Welcome to the dirty island of the filthy devils.

Enjoy our hospitality.

Help yourself to some pig piss.

It’s fine if you refuse.

You don’t have permission for landing.

It’ll be tough, but you can swim back home.

Back then,

It was fun.


Certainly, us Eldians…

Were feared and hated by the world.

And yet we don’t even know the faces of those who are across the sea.


As for the people from across the sea,

They weren’t only enemies.

Let’s manufacture the most needed things for this island.

This is called a ‘Harbour’.

Ahh, a ‘Harbour’ eh.

Kids would be delighted.

This isn’t a playground.

I wonder if they’ll even build a mixed-gender bathhouse?

It’s not a hot springs, you pervert.

Will there be anything delicious?


…It’s not about food.

This is…

A location where you can safety dock a ship.


I see…

So with the ships that we seize, we can use them to establish commerce with other in the sea.

That’s right, Hanji-san!

This is a place that’ll connect you with the world!

That’s amazing, Onyankopon!!

But where are the children going to play?

…A hot springs is important too.

By the way, Onyankopon, how is your skin black?

The one who created us had this way of thinking…

That it’d be more interesting to have different types of people.

The people who become titans, the ‘Subjects of Ymir’ are the same.

We all exist, because He desired it.

So who made us?


The being who bestowed power to the ‘Founder Ymir’.

In other words, God.

Some people think so.

Just thinking about it is freedom, right?

The world is much more complicated.

Implying that there’s things that we don’t know yet.

What’s with this cooking…?

We’re eating this…?


Is this the first time you’ve had seafood?

Nikolo is a master of Marley cuisine.

Damn it…why me…

If you don’t like, then don’t eat you Eldians.

You guys are something like…

Gwahhhhh~ It’s delicious


No fair, Sasha!!


You’re a genius!!

T-They’s a cleaner way to eat…

I’m starting with this…

There’s still more. You can eat slower!!


The harbour will be completed soon.

Seems like they progressed pretty quickly since we borrowed the power of Marleyan engineers.

They cooperate so well.

Well at first they were suspicious of one another, so it wasn’t going smoothly at all.

But as time went on, they addressed and faced one another without titles…


We certainly understand each other.


Did you see something in Bertholdt ‘s memories?


Nothing useful in particular.

We don’t have much time.

Zeke’s lifespan won’t be longer than three more years


But not only that…


At this rate, we’ll be proceeding according to Yelena and her comrade’s strategies.

Are there problems with it?

She said that we’re seriously going to threaten the world with the ‘Earthen Rumbling’? And that there’s no other technique to protect the Eldian people?…

Well, it’ll truly be a nightmare that will strike the world with fear.

But can’t we discuss it together before then?

Once we have the harbour, we’ll be able to discuss with Marley and other people around the world.// If we could solve out misunderstandings…// Misunderstandings?

What do you mean by misunderstandings?

That’s why… I’m saying that we shouldn’t be feared.

…From the viewpoint of the rest of the world, we’re monsters who transform into titans.

There’s no misunderstanding there, right?


But…We’ve been making friends with the Marleyan people too.

With who?

Most of the Marleyan soldiers are glaring at the walls of the camp.


If we give them some time…

And so,

We need time.

That’s right.

For the sake of buying some time,

We ought to do something to prevent any interference…



There was a different way.

Things could have happened…


That’s all I can think about.



There were funerals for the eight people who had died from the campaign.

Including Sasha.

I intended to understand Eren more than anyone else.

Even more than Mikasa.


I don’t even know anymore.


Eren even intended to do it alone.

Even by cooperating with Eren,

Or even by abandoning him,

Which would have been the worse option?

At any rate…numerous people were killed…

Battleships, military soldiers, and civilians were all dragged into this…

It was the same as what happened to us on that day…Everything was suddenly snatched away.

But…if their naval port is going strong…

The Marleyan forces will immediately launch an attack upon this island in retaliation.

Our path to reconciliation has been cut off…But,

We had no other choice.

Just like the day,

That you guys did it…



Please answer me…

With something…


So it was reported…as a victory?

Isn’t it dreadful?

To not know anything?

I’m going to kill you and send back your dead body to Marley.

Your conspiracy will become clear.

Your grandmother and grandfather are dead, right?


And so…

If your so-called ‘Secret Plan’ is indeed genuine// Then I’ll wait just a bit longer before I mince you.

I don’t mind one way or another.

I’m grateful for your lenient words.

But you’ll make me meet up with Eren soon?


Won’t you stop glaring at me?

If we don’t win,

We’ll die….

If we win, we’ll survive.


If we don’t fight,

We can’t win.

So fight.

and fight.

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