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Attack On Titan gets hilarious ad ahead of Season 3

Attack on Titan a popular anime series launched in 2013 needs no introduction as it has garnered a massive audience in past two years. Both the manga and series have a cult fan following. The two seasons have been already out the series has been able to achieve new heights. Now, with the third season just around the corner, the hype is really about the series that has a mix of love, action and emotional drama which keeps you involved in each of the episode. Wit studios are the producer of the favorite anime which is concentrating efficiently and just on the upcoming season 3. Attack on Titan is a series that doesn’t require any promotion; however, many other businesses have always used favorite contents from movies, animes to connect with their customers.

Recently, Alby’s the second largest QSR chain in America shared their take on Attack on Titan series, and that is making fans ROFL around the globe. The image shared on Instagram shows Eren Jaeger, pivotal character of the series in his full Survey cops armour ready to battle the mammoth titans. But as you move your eyes little up, you will find the element that is making us laugh out loud. The titan in the image is none another than a large sandwich peering over Eren from the other side of the wall. To make it even more interesting the caption of the picture is perfect as it reads “On that day, humanity received a grim reminder.”


It’s not the first time that Alby’s have done something like this if you go through their social media you will find interesting posts try to make anime fans laugh. Similarly, this kind of posts using favorite content related to movies have been used earlier by chains like McDonald’s and Burger King. These ads surely find a connect with the audiences who are avid fans of anime and movies. Along with this meme culture on risi,ng a funny image can create a whole lot of buzz regarding your brand around the globe. As I am talking about this ad sitting in India proves that Alby’s is successful in doing what they intended to do.

Talking about Attack on Titan the anime’s production is in full swing and is slated for release sometime during December. The first two seasons saw Eren Jaeger finding out his hidden abilities and giving a tough fight to Titans. However, there is a lot of mystery surrounding the origin of these Titans and what dark secret does the key given to Eren by his father beholds. We assume that a lot of these questions will be answered during season 3, so we will have to wait for this fantastic series to unfold.

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