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Attack On Titan Spoilers Ultimate Battle Is Ready To Begin

There are much few months left for the Attack On Titan anime season 3 but its manga is running on its schedule and current chapters are amazing.

Latest chapter 102 was released a few days ago and things going pretty nervous in the manga. In upcoming chapters, an ultimate war is ready to begin.

Spoilers !!

In the latest chapter, Survey Corps planned their warfare against Marley.

In the chapter, Eren transformed into the Attack Titan as Survey Corps charged as one mass. On the other hand, the Marleyean army was ready with three Titans. Zeke also transformed into his Beast Titan form and took charge. The Jaw Titan and Cart Titan were also in their commanding positions.

 Gabbi was also in there. She vowed to kill Eren for causing destruction to Marley. At the very end of the chapter, Zeke ordered his forces “Don’t let them escape,” the Beast Titan said. ” Annihilate them.”
With the chapter coming to a close, Zeke told his forces what needed to happen. “Don’t let them escape,” the Beast Titan said. “Annihilate them.”On the other hand, before starting the battle  Survey Corps’ head Levi told his fleet that: “Don’t die. Survive.” So it is likely that all should survive the battle which is only just some moments far to begin.

Excited to see next chapter??

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