New BSNL Rs 171 recharge to take on Jio with 2GB daily data

bsnl rs 171 recharge new bsnl recharge

BSNL just launched a new recharge scheme. With the BSNL Rs 171 recharge, you get 2GB daily data along with unlimited calling and 100 daily SMS. The new BSNL recharge is aimed at Jio’s Rs 198 recharge plan with similar benefits.   For a long time Reliance Jio has been the recharge king in India. … Read more

Acer Predator Helios 500 launched in India, to start at Rs 1,99,999

acer predator helios 300 features new predator

Acer launched a new entry to its popular Predator linuep, the Acer Predator Helios 500, in India. The Laptop come with a GTX 1070 along with upto Core i9. The new Predator Helios 500 features a 144 Hz refresh rate screen along with an RGB keyboard. The Legendary Predator Lineup The Predator lineup is one … Read more

New Update lets Siri Message on Whatsapp Group, show images on Whatsapp Notification

siri message on whatsapp group images on whatsapp notification

Apple users received a new Whatsapp update. The new update reportedly lets Siri message on Whatsapp group. Another feature lets you view GIFs and images on Whatsapp notification. Let’s dive in! Whatsapp on iPhone has been pretty consistent with it’s updates. Sometimes pushing new features before the Android version. Whatsapp is generally known to update … Read more

Microsoft Working on an XCloud based new Xbox Scarlett

new xbox scarlett xcloud next gen xbox

Microsoft is reportedly working on not one, but at least two versions of next gen Xbox. The new Xbox Scarlett will have a much more powerful hardware as compared to the current Xbox One X. Most importantly, another version of Xbox Scarlett will have only Xbox game stream using XCloud. The consoles will reportedly release … Read more

Google Assistant Duo Call now possible with new Assistant Update

google assistant duo call on google assistant

In the new Assistant update, Google has added the feature of Google Assistant Duo Call. This will let you make a Duo Call on Google Assistant. Just ask it to call someone on your contacts and it will immediately initiate a Duo call.   Google has been tinkering a lot with its Assistant lately. Last … Read more

Qualcomm 5G antenna could be the future of gigabit 5G

qualcomm 5G antenns qualcomm mmwave 5g antenna

Qualcomm unveiled it’s first ever gigabit Qualcomm 5G antenna. It just might be the key to the missing piece of the 5G puzzle. The Qualcomm mmWave 5g Antenna will let you get the promised gigabit internet speed on your phone. Is it the only Qualcomm 5G antenna? By now, there have been many answers to … Read more

Sony 48 MP sensor revealed, will be the Best Mobile Camera Sensor

sony 48 mp sony imx586 new sony sensor best mobile camera

The world cherishes Sony for its camera sensors, especially in Smartphones. Not just Sony phones, but other companies like Huawei use Sony Sensors extensively. Sony added another weapon to its ever growing arsenal. The Sony IMX586 is their new best mobile camera sensor. The new Sony Sensor allows an effective resolution of 48MP while still … Read more

Facebook Athena Satellite confirmed, expect a launch by 2019

facebook athena satellite facebook internet satellite

Facebook’s mission to connect everyone around the world to internet might actually become a reality. After a repeated number of scrapped projects, it might finally be onto something. The Facebook Athena Satellite is in the works and according to Wired, it may launch as soon as early 2019. Is this their first rodeo? Not at … Read more

Whatsapp Suspicious Link Detection feature added in new Android Beta

whatsapp suspicious link detection

In an ongoing fight to curb spread of false information on its platform, the Whatsapp Suspicious link detection feature was introduced. The feature now adds a red tag on messages that contain suspicious links.   The feature comes right after a series of new updates Whatsapp pushed to curb spreading of false info and spam. … Read more