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Avatar 2 coming with Kate Winslet mystery !! Story details, Release date

Avatar came out around 8 years back and took the whole world by storm, now Avatar 2 is making its way soon.  It was way ahead of its time and was a creative vision of James Cameron that left our mouth wide open.  We all got the back of the blue aliens and supported them in their fight against humans. Now years have passed, and we are still waiting for them to return back and leave all of awestruck again.

Avatar 2

The speculations of Avatar sequel began around 3-4 years back, but till now we have very less information about. We knew that movie will explore Pandora in more detail and will focus on the sea people of the Na’Vi tribe. From this earlier, we estimated that cinema will rely highly on CGI to create the underwater life.

Yesterday we got our hands on the interview where James Cameron gave quite a few details about the movie and its current progress. He told that shooting has begun and Kate Winslet has joined the rest of the team. Speaking with Vanity Fair, James talked about the sequels and current shooting schedule.

“She’s very excited about it,” the director says of the Kate Winslet’s involvement. “She blazed through for a couple of days of rehearsals and saw the world that we had created, and how we do the work, and she’s very excited. She plays a character who’s part of the Sea People. The one thing she did do is the demand that she does all her own water work. I said, ‘Alright, that’s fine, we’ll have to teach you how to free dive.’”

James also told that in Avatar 2 they will be shooting the underwater scenes in the water itself rather than using CGI like the first movie. This came as a massive update for us as we earlier thought it to be CGI dependent scenes.

“The other actors are up to three- and four-minute breath holds. We’ve already been doing underwater capture. We did a scene last week with six teenagers, well, actually five teenagers and one 7-year-old underwater holding their breath for a couple minutes and acting, actually doing a dialogue scene under water because they speak kind of a sign language.”

This looks like a lot of effort has been put into shooting these scenes as holding breath for 3-4 minutes is not a child’s play. He also discussed regarding the delays happening for the sequel.

“I wouldn’t call them delays. It was highly optimistic that we could start quickly until scripts are written. If there are no scripts, there’s nothing, right? The scripts took four years… We’re doing very well because of all the time that we had to develop the system and the pipeline and all that. We weren’t wasting time, we were putting it into tech development and design. So when all the scripts were approved, everything was designed. Every character, every creature, every setting.”

This news makes us happy that shooting is going on at a full pace and with a lot of effort. The movie will be produced by 2oth Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment and will hit the cinemas on December 18, 2018.


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