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Avenger Infinity War Teaser merger of all heroes !! Trailer coming soon

I began writing this article, around 6 am in the morning in bone-chilling weather, and the only people who are responsible for this is Marvel & Kevin Feige.

Avenger Infinity War

Marvel started its run at the box office around ten years back with Iron Man, and at that time nobody knew which way Marvel is going.  Now with around 17 movies under their extended universe, Marvel has become the biggest franchise ever. There phase 3 is coming to an end with culminating Avengers movies to be released in coming years. Kevin created all this from scratch, and he has given us moments that we can cherish for the lifetime.You must be thinking, why he is writing this today? Because as last night Marvel dropped most epic teaser ever for upcoming Avengers Infinity Wars.

The teaser is an appreciation to all the fans and you tubers who have always eagerly waited for each of their movies. It shows you glimpse from each film Marvel has released under this universe. Watching those scenes brings a train full of emotions, whether they were of happiness when Iron man came alive on big screen, sadness when we saw captain fighting iron man or countless others which we have experienced. It gave me goosebumps in the middle of the night and was all pumped after watching it. In the end, it gave another great news that trailer is coming today.  Are you excited as me for the epic trailer? Do let us know.

Till then SMAAAASHHH!!!


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