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Avengers 4 High Definition Concept Art Reveals More Character Details!

Recently, more high definition concept art has been revealed for Avengers 4. While, officially Marvel doesn’t even agree on the fact that the deaths will be undone, but as we all know they will have to and there are many other facts that fans have made out after the set photos poured in. From the photos, it was deduced that the Avengers are time travelling to New York Battle or are using Stark’s BARF technology (but its probability is quite low). Also, there’s some more art which was described as marketing materials. They are isolated characters, and each has more details and reveal much information about the characters. Here’s everything we’ve deducted –

  1. What Captain Marvel’s Power Blasts Look Like

Avengers 4 Concept Art

The primary focus of the art was Captain Marvel. Previously, we have seen some set photos and concept art at Comic-Con which revealed her green costume. But that’s changed now, it’s mostly like the comics and what fan’s had thought it to be but there’s a twist to it.

The most important weapon for Captain Marvel is her energy manipulation and energy blast. Her energy blasts are shown as orbs of orange light as seen in the CineEurope image; they have a more concentrated middle and a robust sparkling effect. It’s more or less like the Iron Man’s repulsors but obviously, have much more energy than his repulsors.

  1. War Machine Has Multiple Boosters

Avengers 4 Concept Art

Up till now, War Machine hasn’t been upgraded since the Iron Man, but Iron Man had a ton of upgrades. War Machine always have been given some upgrades but not like Iron Man, not even near to him. But the concept art shown has War Machine having multiple boosters – in his feet, behind his calves, and on his lower back – and some seriously beefed side-arms.

So we can say that this time maybe he’s been given some serious upgrades in Avengers 4.

  1. Hulk’s Full-Body Armor

Avengers 4 Concept Art

As we all have already suspected and even theorised that Hulk wearing an armour confirms that we are going to see him in action finally. Also if he were to come out and fight Hulk would never wear a tight fit, body armour. It’s speculated that the Hulk and Banner have finally got to a point where they both reconcile and merge as one – and become more like Professor Hulk-like in the comics,

Hulk is wearing a proper tight-fitting, full-body suit, presumably made to stretch-to-fit (explaining the lack of shoes).

  1. Captain Marvel Doesn’t Look To Change between Movies

Avengers 4 Concept Art

The concept art revolved much around Captain Marvel. Also, the art isn’t for Avengers 4 only; it’s also for the Captain Marvel’s solo movie as well. We’ll see a two-eyed Nick Fury, as well as Carol Danvers in casual clothes as well with a jacket barely covering her star. The notable thing about Captain Marvel’s costume is that her costume is same in her solo movie and Avengers 4 as well. While none of these details tells us much about the story of Avengers 4, but these changes always give away some deducible information.

What do you think about the art? Are you excited to see the movie? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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