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Avengers 4: Directors Provide Update on Much Awaited Sequel!

Avengers 4 is the most awaited film which will be released next year. But fans have been on the edge after the Infinity War. They want to know even a titbits of information and that seems to be fair after the disastrous ending of Infinity War. Up till now, Marvel has been carefully keeping information under wraps. But directors Anthony and Joe Russo have shed some light on the post-production process for Avengers 4, revealing when they expect to get it complete. Their primary focus is putting all their efforts in the finishing touches and the post-production of the film.

Avengers 4: Directors Provide Update on Much Awaited Sequel!

Fans lately have got no news whatsoever on Avengers 4 and therefore we are seeing some crazy fan theories coming up and also some really creative art on as to how Avengers 4 could end for certain characters. Well, we have some news about the upcoming Avengers 4 straight from the directors. Fans are still months away from seeing the first trailer, so at this point, they’ll take any Avengers 4 news they can get.

Recently, Anthony Russo recently revealed they have been working on the edit “all summer,” and that they expect to be in post-production throughout both the fall and winter months, adding, “We hope to be done by March.”

Avengers 4: Directors Provide Update on Much Awaited Sequel!

The elongated post-production news isn’t surprising. Infinity War wrapped principal photography in July 2017, and took roughly nine and a half months to complete post-production. Avengers 4 ended in January 2018, while the Russos were still on Infinity War, they also had Avengers 4 reshoots take place this summer. So, the sequel taking such long time for post-production is just to make sure that it’s more epic than even Infinity War!

So, what do you think about this post-production process? Do you think Marvel will just shift up the release date? Do let us know your views in the comment section below!

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