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Avengers 4 Fan Theory Suggests Doctor Strange Involved in Captain Marvel’s Arrival

The wheels were set in motion for the Avengers 4 and how to defeat Thanos by the very end of Avengers Infinity War when we got the first glimpse of Nick Fury contacting Captain Marvel using his pager. As per Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios Captain Marvel will be the most powerful superhero introduced in MCU, and now with Infinity Gauntlet in fried up condition, there is hope that Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel can defeat Thanos however it wouldn’t be that easy. Alongside this, for the arrival of Captain Marvel we should not only thank Nick Fury but Doctor Strange also.

Yes, as per the new theory by Reddit user  WamsyTheOneAndOnly the reason behind her arrival is Doctor Strange. As during their planning to defeat Thanos, Strange saw the future, and at that moment he came to knew that there is no chance they can stop him from snapping his fingers. Along with that when Nick Fury saw Agent Maria Hill turned to dust, he exactly knew what he had to do. So, it is possible that Nicky Fury may be already have been forewarned that this is going to happen and that moment he has to sent a distress signal to Carol Danvers.

Avengers 4 Fan Theory Doctor Strange Involved in Arrival of Captain Marvel, Nick Fury

In his theory, WamsyTheOneAndOnly says that “Doctor strange knows what happens in the future, he sets it up in fact. He knew that Thanos had to snap his fingers at that exact right time and under all these certain conditions for them to win. He’s setting up Captain Marvel’s return to Earth. I believe he’ll appear in the CM movie and tell Fury it is vital for him to carry around with him the pager to contact Captain Marvel. Nick Fury, knowing about Steven Strange lists him as an ally to shield which of course is how Hydra knows about him despite him being a neurosurgeon (anyone who is an ally of SHIELD is a threat to HYDRA).

All this seems completely plausible and Nick Fury being the part of upcoming Captain Marvel movie may have this very scene when Doctor Strange approaches him. The Reddit user further adds that “He warns him of an event in the future referring to the people turning to dust without warning, this is why Fury’s instant reaction to seeing Maria Hill turn to ash was to run to the pager, but what our good friend Sorcerer Supreme didn’t mention was the fact that he does not survive hence the “Mother Fu…” at the very end. We should also take note that the way he says it isn’t panic or scared, he’s confident that Strange knows what he’s doing.”

Avengers 4 Fan Theory Doctor Strange Involved in Arrival of Captain Marvel, Nick Fury

Considering the powers and abilities of Doctor Strange all this seems very much possible. However, this one is just like hundreds of theories doing round on the internet and fans speculating the course that future Marvel movies will take. By far the theories which we have gone through this appears more realistic one, however, still there are loopholes in it. For example, Feige has previously shared that Agent Sitwell’s mention of Strange wasn’t indicative that he actually knew of the renowned neurosurgeon’s future as a sorcerer. He mentions him only because he has a brilliant mind and if he wanted to reveal the dark secrets of S.H.I.E.L.D./HYDRA he probably could find a way to figure that out.

What are your views on this theory? Do you have your own theory regarding the arrival of Captain Marvel? Do let us know in the comments below.

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