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Does Hulk’s Suit In ‘Avengers 4’ First Look Point Towards Professor Hulk?

Marvel fans a few days back got the first look at the team of Avengers that will be taking on the Mad Titan Thanos to put things back in place. The concept art included the Avengers who survived Thanos’ snap of fingers and the new ones which include mighty Captain Marvel along with Ant-Man and Hawkeye making a comeback after missing the bus in the first one. However, the who stood out in the art is Hulk because the big green baddy doesn’t look the way we have seen him in earlier movies. He seems more green and tad bit smaller in the tight fit body suit. So the question naturally pops out why the hell he wearing a suit?

Let’s start from the beginning, as we saw in Avengers Infinity War; Hulk simply ditched Bruce Banner when the latter needed him the most while the whole world was crumbling down under the wrath of Thanos. Every one of us had the same question after the movie what the hell just happened to Hulk? Why is he acting like that?

Avengers 4 hulk suit professor hulk Bruce Banner

Who is Professor Hulk?

The simple explanation to all of this is that we have to view Hulk as just another personality inside Bruce Banner who has his feelings and motives. We also got the unique glimpse of that in Thor: Ragnarok when he completely suppressed Bruce Banner and led the two years of his life on his terms. So, when things returned to normal with Bruce Banner back and asked for Hulk to take over when Thanos was destroying the earth. And the reason he was so stubborn to come out is not the fear of Thanos, but the character of Hulk was pissed off with Bruce Banner and the other Avengers. Every one of them has treated him as a tool, and whenever they were in trouble, they merely used him. Nobody connected with him on the personal level, not even Bruce himself.

So, writers of Avengers Infinity War are exploring this arc of the Hulk where they are trying to provide more depth to the character itself. In Avengers 4, we will see Bruce Banner and Hulk finding a middle ground where the personalities of both characters will merge to form a new one named ‘Professor Hulk’. The Professor’s physical form was almost like the Hulk’s, though he wasn’t quite as large and kept a more human face. He also kept Bruce Banner’s intelligence and more sociable personality. According to comics, in simple words, Professor Hulk is the version of Hulk where he has the brains of Bruce Banner and brute force if Hulk.

Avengers 4 hulk suit professor hulk Bruce Banner

As a character Professor hulk will never go berserk as Hulk did in Age of Ultron however even if this happens to avoid this he is wearing a suit. We are expecting that the outfit he wears is a technically advanced which will have a fail-safe mode and will maintain the balance between the two. Shuri or Iron Man himself could have built the suit for Hulk. We are putting our money on Shuri as from the first look it has similarities to that of Black Panther’s outfit.

However, overall the fantastic thing is that writers and directors are putting a right amount of thought behind the character of Hulk which has not been treated appropriately in his solo movies. The way they are structuring the layers the excitement of seeing him on the big screen screaming aloud is purely enthusiastic. What are your views about Hulk in the suit? Are you excited to see Professor Hulk in action? Do let us know in the comments below.

Avengers 4 arrives in theatres on May 3, 2019

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