Avengers 4 Release Date May Have Been Moved Up!

Avengers Infinity War

Marvel’s Avengers 4 – Sequel to Avengers: Infinity War may have it’s release date earlier than expected!

IMAX released a quarterly financial report that includes a schedule of upcoming movies being released in the IMAX format. That schedule includes Avengers 4, as expected. What is unexpected is that the schedule lists Avengers 4 for April 2019 when the film’s official release date is May 3, 2019.

Avengers 4 release date may have been moved up!

The Avengers 4 movie is set to release in late April for United Kingdom. Most of the movies are listed by their domestic release dates, but where exceptions are made, IMAX notes that the date is for “international markets,’ which it does not do in the case of Avengers 4. This same thing happened with Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel Studios moved up the domestic release date of Avengers: Infinity War to match its international release date in order to better provide fans with a spoiler-free experience. Maybe this time too, the studio is planning a similar shift for Avengers 4 and just hasn’t publicly announced it yet.

But maybe IMAX maybe just accounting for early screenings or may have assumed that the studio will again release the movie early like Infinity War just like the last time. We won’t know for sure when the movie will release until Marvel makes it official announcement. Even the cast is kept in the dark, Paul Bettany (Vision) and Pom Klementieff (Mantis) having recently said that they “know nothing” about the movie.

Avengers 4 release date may have been moved up!

“Here’s my experience,” Bettany said. “I read the script and then the Russo Brothers rung me up and said, ‘what’d you think?’ I said, ‘oh it’s great’ and they went ‘that’s not the script’ and I went ‘what?’ They went ‘oh it’s got lots of different, it’s got a different ending, it’s got different turns in it, and certain people die that don’t die.’ And they said, ‘but we want you to read the real script.

“Now, I’m dyslexic so it takes me like five hours to read this and then they lock me in a room to read the real script and it’s the same script, so I rung them up and I said ‘um’ and they said, ‘what happened’ I went, and I read ‘Code Red’ or whatever they called it and he said, ‘yeah what do you think.’ I said, ‘I went it was the same script’ and he asked me some questions and then he went ‘aw man they gave you the wrong script again,'” Bettany explained. “So, after ten hours given over to reading scripts that I was never going to make I decided not to. I said, ‘what happens at the end of this one?’ and Joe just said, ‘I think me, and Anthony are going to have to leave town.’ So that’s what, we knew it was bad.”

Avengers 4 release date may have been moved up!

What do you think, will Marvel release the movie a bit early? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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