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‘Avengers 4’ Is Revisiting The Battle of New York- But Why?

With a snap of fingers of Thanos, the whole MCU is in a mess, with half of the Universe wiped out, the remaining Avengers have to face the situation and change the consequences by defeating Thanos. While the post-scene credits had hinted on Captain Marvel to come in and save the Universe, we have pictures from the sets of Avengers 4 pouring in the internet and fans cannot sit by and not make theories.

But recently, as evidence mounts to the fact that the Avengers 4 is revisiting the Battle of New York, where the Avengers successfully defeated the army of Chitauri with Loki leading them in the front has taken the fans by surprise, and all fans are confused while thinking how and why is this happening.

Avengers 4 Is Revisiting The Battle of New York

Avengers 4 Is Revisiting The Battle of New York- But Why?

As we all know that Thanos was ultimately behind the attack and his attack dog being Loki, it sure makes sense to start looking at the things from the start. But first, let’s see the evidence that mounts up to the conclusion that Avengers are really revisiting the War of New York(Avengers 4 Is Revisiting The Battle of New York).

  • Some set photos from the Avengers 4 indicated this when Tony Stark was seen wearing the Black Sabbath t-shirt which he wore for most parts of the first Avengers. But it was nothing until we noticed some bruises on his face which weren’t present during the t-shirt scenes from the first Avengers because he got them during the Battle of New York – meaning that the scene where he’s wearing the same shirt in Avengers 4 is a new look at what went down right after Loki’s defeat. Also included in the set of photos is an older Stark wearing an S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform – again, something that we’ve never seen before.
  • Also, another set of images show a long-haired Thor and Loki wearing the same Asgardian outfit during his failed attempt to take over Earth, as well as a mouth-guard during his arrest towards the end of the blockbuster.
  • In the last set of photos from the sets, an older Tony is once again present in the sequence, but this time, he’s with Ant-Man, Hulk, and Captain America. While the rubble in the background can easily be from any other action set piece in the MCU, Cap wearing his original uniform gives it away.

These facts were much convincing for us to believe that the Avengers 4 is revisiting the Battle of New York. But with these facts established, what are avengers doing in the War of New York? And more importantly, how did they manage to revisit the battle in the past?

Avengers 4 Travelling Back in Time

The Russo brothers already debunked the theory of an alternate universe and any of role in the Avengers 4. The only thing we are left with is – Time Travel. But with time stone being in the hands of Thanos, the answer to travel lies in science.

With the confirmed scenes of Ant-Man and the Wasp in the movie, we have a probable answer to the time –travel dilemma. From the Ant-Man, we know that in the Quantum Realm all concepts of time and space are irrelevant. With one of the greatest minds on their time – Tony Stark, we may see the Avengers time-travelling using the quantum realm.

Also, older Tony wearing S.H.I.E.L.D uniform suggests that Tony only warped to that specific moment in the past where he disguises himself as S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

Avengers 4 Travelling Back in Time

While the War of New York can be a perfect place to evoke nostalgia seeing how the MCU has evolved since 2012 starting from a squad of six to have almost two dozen new characters who could lead the charge come Phase 4. From the story point of view, it’s also a culmination of everything that has transpired in the franchise, it makes sense that we go back to the first time that Avengers assembled.

With Infinity War successfully running in theatres, and a ton of marvel movies lined up till Avengers 4, we’ll definitely get to see more and more of these pictures and theories.

What do you think about the pictures and what’s your theory about the Avengers 4 is revisiting the battle of New York? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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