Avengers 4 Rumor – A Significant Eternal May Have A Cameo In The Movie

eternal avengers 4

With the rumours and theories around Avengers 4 continue to pop up as fans are getting more and more hints from various sources, we get yet another rumour of another Eternal popping up in the Avengers 4.

Another week passed as the news remained calm around the Marvel’s fourth ensemble movie Avengers 4. But over the past week or so yet another source has reached out to different websites mentioning the name of Kronos in Avengers 4. With a little research, it shows that we may see Kronos pop up in Avengers 4!

Who is Kronos?

eternal avengers 4 kronos

Kronos is an Eternal and master of time. In the comics, he is an Eternal from the earth, and after an experiment gone wrong, Kronos loses his physical form, but he remains in the cosmos with augmented abilities and powers. The character occasionally manifests as a huge transparent humanoid so lesser beings can perceive the entity.

 How will Kronos Appear in the Avengers 4?

eternal avengers 4 kronos

There are the number of factors to include before we can firmly say that this rumour has a much higher chance of happening than other rumours.

Firstly, Jim Starlin reportedly told a convention crowd last month that he’ll receive more credit in Avengers 4, meaning another one of his characters will be showing up, and he did create Kronos. Kronos first appeared in Iron Man comics, and Jim Starlin himself created the character, now as Jim told the convention that he will be getting more credit means that one of his established characters are going to be put into the Avengers 4 movie. And why we think that it would be Kronos, we’ll see that in the next deductions.

Secondly, He is an Eternal, which is something Marvel is putting a lot of push behind. As Marvel is now pushing the MCU more towards cosmos rather than only fixated on earth, it’s highly likely that we may see an entity from the cosmos and as Thanos is an Eternal as well, we may see another Eternal pop up as well. Also, He helped found the planet of Titan, which we saw in Infinity War and is where Thanos is from. As we all know the story around the Avengers 4 will go to defeat the mad titan and undo what’s, he has done to the universe. As we all know Thanos was born on Titan which was founded by Kronos himself, so we may see him sharing some screen time in Avengers 4.

eternal avengers 4 kronos

The final and the essential point being, He is the cosmic master of time in the Marvel universe. This point makes the rumour substantially sounder than others because as we know, the Avengers are going back in time to undo the deeds of the mad Titan and in doing so they may be creating a hell lot of different timelines and maybe disasters as well, we may see Kronos forced to appear before Avengers to confront them and their actions.

So, with these facts said, the rumour of Kronos appearing in Avengers 4 looks much more promising. What do you think? Will Kronos appear in Avengers 4? Or some other character or Eternal will appear? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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