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How Avengers 4 Can Set-up X-Men in MCU After Disney-Fox Merger

Avengers 4 is the only thing which fans are eagerly waiting for. With crazy fan theories circling around the film and some pictures to back some of them, we as fans are already stumped with the different ideas. But looking simultaneously at the Disney Fox deal going underway and mutants finally coming back to MCU, fans are curious to know how will the X-Men are going to be introduced to the ongoing MCU timeline. It may be possible that Avengers 4 sets up the coming back of Mutants in MCU!

How Avengers 4 can set-up X-Men in MCU

We already know that the Thanos has wiped out half the universe and now the left Avengers have to do something to set things straight, the way they were like before and to do that we have sufficient proof that Tony Stark visits Avengers memories or Avengers actually travel in time, whether our heroes travel through time or not, but Thanos has already messed up with reality and time so much that it’s entirely possible for Marvel to do anything, and that could also mean the introduction of X-Men.

How Avengers 4 can set-up X-Men in MCU

Also, considering Time Travel to be an option with much greater possibility, we can say that it will be the most convenient option to introduce the X-Men and other Mutant family. While the Avengers fight through time and create a vast messed up timelines, some of the timelines may cause alternate realities to collapse into one resulting in the X-Men reality collapsing with present MCU timeline. While this may look a promising option and a decent set-up for introduction of the Mutants without even have to show any of the Mutants, there is no official announcement by Disney or Fox about the deal and the use of characters. Earlier, Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige said that there is no formal call for him to use the characters. So, setting up of Mutants in Avengers 4 may not be the best idea for Marvel in MCU.

How Avengers 4 can set-up X-Men in MCU

And even if the Mutants are to be introduced, they will be the ones to change and not the MCU’s original heroes. The Mutants may be entirely rebooted for the MCU as a safer and a long term decision.

With Marvel handling the fate of the X-Men, X-Force, and Deadpool, do you think they should simply inject the current stars into MCU continuity? Or should the characters with the most baggage be completely rebooted from the start alongside Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the Avengers? What do you think? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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