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First Look of Thanos from Avengers 4 Possibly Revealed

Avengers Infinity War gave us the villain who single-handedly took on of all our favourite superheroes. By the end of the movie, Thanos had not only left the Avengers broken and decimated he also made us emotional. He came out as one of the most potent antagonists who possesses both brain and brute force. He had one goal to balance the universe using the infinity stone, and he planned meticulously for that leaving no stone unturned. He was able to succeed in that and turned most of the earth’s mightiest heroes into a pile of dust. None of us had even a faintest of the idea while watching the movie that it will end at such a perfect cliffhanger. With few of Avengers left alive and a mammoth task ahead of them that is of defeating Thanos and bringing the superheroes back to life.

Now, in Avengers 4 the new team of superheroes will be much more prepared for the battle and from the art which got leaked it looks like they are all set to take on the Mad Titan. Avengers this time will have the most powerful superhero in the Marvel universe, Captain Marvel joining them along with that Antman and Hawkeye are also back to add more firepower to the team. It also seems that Bruce Banner and Hulk have found the middle ground as we see Hulk is all set to smash in the newly acquired suit. We are relatively positive about the Avengers 4 as this time team will have Captain Marvel who can kick the ass of any villain. But we should also keep in mind that Avengers are up against the powerful being who has once defeated the Norse God, Odin.

 Avengers 4 Thanos First Look

Also, we should be sceptical about the preparations Thanos is making for the showdown as he would know that remaining Avengers will retaliate. So, along with the concept art of the superheroes in Avengers 4, we also got ourselves first look of the Thanos in the highly anticipated Avengers 4 which will mark the end of Phase 3. Thanos’s first look was also revealed by Hero X and the poster shows him in full armour, standing tall with a double bladed sword and what looks like to be fully fixed and functional Infinity Gauntlet.

Check Out Thanos’ First Look from Avengers 4 –

One thing in the poster that appears peculiar is the presence of the sword, as for what would Thanos needs a sword when he already is in the possession of the most powerful weapon, Infinity Gauntlet. There is a slight chance that the sword is made of the same metal as Thor’s new acquired weapon Stormbreaker and has magical powers like it. The Thanos poster undoubtedly conveys that the stakes will be much higher in this one and may cause permanent loss of lives this time around.

Avengers 4 Thanos First Look

We are more than hundred percent sure that Avengers 4 will break many records next year and will provide new direction to the most beloved universe. What are your views on the first look of Thanos? Do let us know in the comments below.

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