Avengers 4: Here’s How Captain America Is Going To Die

Avengers 4 Theory How Captain America is Going to Die

Avengers Infinity War was the most anticipated superhero movie of all time. The arduous scale on which the film was written and produced is shocking. It has been called the most ambitious crossover project in all of the movie history. The movie features around 40 superheroes Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, etc. sharing the screen at the same time. Not only this, the film successfully gave substantial screen time to every character and also tried to keep the plot clear, relevant and exciting at the same time.

The movie aimed to present the possibility of the good guys losing to the antagonist of the movie. The idea is that it’s not always the heroes who win, sometimes they have to face certain competition which is impossible to defeat, after all, they are not invincible, the Avengers and the allies.

Avengers 4 Theory How Captain America is Going to Die

Avengers: Infinity War was supposed to be the awakening that solidified Thanos as an insuperable and intimidating villain who no longer wants to wait for his pawns to bring him what he needs. Each of the Mad Titan’s actions holds deep meaning and a consequence that will lead to his triumph which will further establish him as an infallible force to be reckoned with. The Infinity War was supposed to deliver a strong fall of the earth’s mightiest heroes(The Avengers) after the grand victories that they had before.

Avengers 4 Theory: How Captain America Will Die

But what stands ahead? If the combination of 40 superheroes couldn’t defeat the Mad Titan, how are the remaining superheroes planning to defeat him? These are some significant questions that are going around the fandom. And where there are questions theories are sure to emerge. Apart from the Avengers 4 theory, there is another fact that the man playing the role of the Captain America, i.e., Chris Evans has stated that his contract with the Marvel is going to expire after the Avengers 4 and he’ll no longer play the role. This dictates that the events of Avengers 4 will lead either to his death or will explain how the baton will be passed on from Chris Evans to whoever Disney execs choose to be the next Captain America. Now Below we’re going to start talking about those Avengers 4 theory.

So those who don’t wanna be spoiled, this is your last chance to stop reading. Possible SPOILER ALERT!!

Avengers 4 Theory How Captain America is Going to Die

So, the Avengers 4 will be like a soft reboot for all of the heroes, but before this, there are two movies yet to come namely, Captain Marvel and Ant-Man and The Wasp.

While Captain Marvel is going to be an origin story of Carol Danvers, Ant-Man and the Wasp, on the other hand, will give us some more backstory after the Civil War and before the events of Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. The implication from the Reddit theory seems like the post-credits scene in the Ant-Man and the Wasp is going to set a stage for the events of Avengers 4 and is gonna explain why neither Hank Pym and Scott Lang showed up in Infinity War. We don’t know, but it seems that both Scott Lang and Carol Danvers are gonna critical play a role in the Avengers 4.

Avengers 4 Theory How Captain America is Going to Die

It has already been contemplated that in Avengers 4, the remaining heroes are going to travel back in time to the New York battle with Chitauri Army sent by Thanos and will try to alter the timeline. You must be thinking how are they gonna make it since at that time Thanos is ruling the cosmos with the infinity gauntlet in his hand. Well, the answer is simple. They will assemble the gauntlet before Thanos do!!

I know it sounds absurd but this is only like the saying “You gotta fire with fire!”.

Since they are going to assemble the gauntlet, let’s see where are the stones at the time of the battle:

  1. Time Stone is in the Sanctum Sanctorum in Kahmertaj.
  2. Mind Stone is in the sceptre of Loki.
  3. Space Stone is in the Tesseract with the S. H. I. E. L. D.
  4. Power Stone is in the orb extracted by Peter Quill.
  5. Reality Stone is stored in the depths of Niflheim under the guise of aether.
  6. And finally, Soul Stone is guarded by Red Skull in Volnir.

Now, if the Avengers are going to travel back in time, it will be easy for them to find the stones due to their prior knowledge as they will come from the future. They can get time, mind, space, power, and reality stone with ease.

Avengers 4 Theory How Captain America is Going to Die

But the main problem will be to get the soul stone as it requires the sacrifice of a soul to get it. According to a theory, the one who is going to sacrifice his life will be Captain America aka Steve Rogers. Moreover, the Avengers 4 theory further says that the one to sacrifice Steve Rogers would be no one else but Iron Man himself.

Their relationship had been bumpy over the years and there had been differences between them but they are the ones who have always been the leaders of the team. No matter how strong now Hulk and Thor are but these two have kept the team altogether.

The fact that they get together even after the differences and the consequences of it is groundbreaking. Now, they are expected to travel back in time to collect the stones together and aid each other in the times of need to defeat the past version and Thanos and hence lead to the present one’s downfall.

This Avengers 4 theory is quite compact and sounds realistic. Also, it might hold some credibility as it discusses the death of Captain America which aligns with the contract agreement with the Marvel of Chris Evans.

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