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Avengers 4 Theory- Iron Man’s Secret Weapon against Thanos

Avengers 4 Theory – Iron Man’s Secret Weapon

Avengers: Infinity War ended with a massive cliff-hanger and a massive heartbreak of the fans. With half of our favourite superheroes killed with the half of the universe, the left Avengers are stranded at different places physically and emotionally shattered. With the entire cosmos balanced according to the will of the mad titan. While most of the Avengers are left at Wakanda with their king murdered and a significant army of Wakanda left dead (Avengers 4 Theory). Only, Iron Man is left stranded on a planet, four planets away from the earth. And with his suit damaged and Spider-Man, his prodigy dying in his arms, the agony of the Iron Man is beyond that anyone has seen yet.

So as he is stranded on an alien planet with alien tech trash around, it reminds me of the time in Iron Man when he was taken in the caves by the terrorists to make the missile. He made a tin suit in that cave. Similarly, our beloved Iron man could make a secret weapon to use against Thanos.

Avengers 4 Theory Iron Man Secret Weapon

While the situation in Wakanda will be dire with their king lost and their major chunk of the army too in the attack, Iron Man is left stranded on alone on an alien planet. He’s in space, utterly defenceless and without any food or water, while you may think he’s weak and most probably need some help in coming back to earth, a theory among the fans is growing popular that he may use the alien technology to make a suit out of the alien tech around him. Fans are calling it ‘THANOSBUSTER’.

Avengers 4 Theory Iron Man Secret Weapon

Iron Man’s mechanical skills and skills as an inventor are in a league of their own. This is the reason the theorists are claiming that fans would most probably see Iron Man in an entirely new suit smashing Thanos around in the Avengers 4(Avengers 4 Theory). Tony Stark is stranded on the other planet with his protégé vaporising in his arms, Stark is at his lowest, and this is the opportunity where he’s motivated and performs at his best. And with a scrap of Alien tech around him, he will surely innovate something which is much more significant in power and in technology to put the mad titan to rest.

Avengers 4 Theory Iron Man Secret Weapon

While there are no official confirmation for the theory and no one from Marvel has released any news related to this speculation among the fans, but surely this theory is the much convincing solution as to how Iron Man will return to Earth.

What do you think about Iron Man and his return to Earth? How do you think he will return to Earth? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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