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It’s official !! Avengers Endgame LTM coming to Fortnite Game

Epic Games has finally teased us about one of the biggest crossovers that was desperately awaited by Fortnite fans. The last year partnership between Marvel and Epic Games brought Thanos LTM to the game. This year once again Marvel and Epic Games are collaborating again, and we will see a new Avengers based LTM for the game.

Epic Games has shared a tweet from their official Fortnite Twitter account with a poster image of a Fortnite character with Captain America shield in her hand. The poster has a written text on it which mentions Fortnite X Avengers Endgame. The Twitter post reads: Whatever it takes. The new upcoming LTM will be released on April 25th, 2019 for the game.

Avengers Endgame LTM Fortnite 

It will be really interesting to see what sort of new LTM will make its entry into the game.

A possible LTM based on the Avengers Endgame theme was teased earlier when Fortnite Creative Director Donald Mustard shared an image of Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr. wearing a Fortnite T-shirt.

Iron Man LTM in Fortnite teased, Can we expect Avengers Endgame themed LTM

The poster shared officially displays Captain America’s shield in hand, so are we looking towards a Captain America vs Thanos based LTM this year or it will be something bigger than that.

Fans on Twitter have already gone crazy over this Avengers and Fortnite mashup, and they are expressing their joy with their tweets shared below.


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