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Avengers Infinity War On The Way to $1 Billion Mark!!

The Avengers Infinity War finally arrived on April 27 after ten years of wait. The massive plan which was put into place in 2008 by Kevin Feige is now ready to give the most amazing results which Marvel studio never dreamt. The movie starring A-list actors opened to rave reviews and especially audiences are going ga-ga for it. The best thing about the film is that die-hard fans are loving the effort put in by Russo Brothers and are connecting with every emotion being portrayed on the screen. The atmosphere during the screening is at another level as you can see fans cheering, crying and at the edge of their seats throughout the movie. This is the experience we waited for more than ten years.

The results of this hype and now film standing on all the expectations are visible in the box-office collections. According to THR, box office estimates are putting it at $106.7 million, which includes the $39 million from the Thursday night screenings. These numbers will make it third the film to have achieved this milestone in a single day (the other two movies being Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi). If you notice the studio that is sitting happily on the thrown is Disney because they have produced all the top three movies. Going by the current trend the opening weekend collection of Avengers Infinity War will be somewhere around $225-235 million.


Internationally the movie is performing at par as it opened in India on more than 2000 screens. The first day collections of the film were more than Rs. 40 crore which was way more than Aamir Khan starrer Dangal and PK. It is still to open in Russia (May 3) or China (May 11), from current situation it is very much possible that Avengers Infinity War will rake in $500 million worldwide by Sunday. On top of it, the runway for this movie is pretty much clear for next two weeks as Deadpool 2 arrives on May 18.

Ultimately Avengers Infinity War is a spectacular movie combined with raging reviews which will quickly take it to the billion-dollar club. It will be interesting to see what mark the film will stop and how many records it will break.

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