Avengers Infinity War Fan Proves That Mad Titan, Thanos Is A Liar

It has been raining fan theories after the release of Avengers Infinity War. Fans are going through all the past movies to find discrepancies that may reveal a major plot point for Avengers 4. Avengers Infinity War provided a new perspective to Superhero movie lovers as the first time we got to see a Villains story. Layers of Thanos’ character were revealed one by one as we ventured along with him on the journey to gather infinity stones. The movie clearly defined motive behind his actions and on some level, we agreed to his ideology of creating a balance in the universe. We also embraced his emotional side and witnessed undying love for his adopted daughter Gamora. However, yesterday a fan revealed rather interesting detail regarding Thanos which could make him a liar who can go to any lengths to achieve his goal. As per the fan Thanos lied to Gamora about the current status of her home planet.

Avengers Infinity War explained that how Thanos took young Gamora as his adoptive daughter after his Chitauri army invaded her planet Zehoberi. He then brings her up and turns her into an assassin who finally changes side and teams up with Starlord, Rocket Racoon, Drax and Groot in Guardians of Galaxy 2. She becomes a vital character in stopping the wrath of his father against different races.

Avengers Infinity War Fan Thanos is a liar

The father and daughter eventually reunited again in Avengers Infinity War however the Mad Titan sacrificed Gamora, the true love of his life to attain the Soul Stone. Before pushing her off the cliff, the two had an emotional talk when Gamora confronted Thanos for killing her mother and destroying her homeworld. At that time Thanos justifies his action was for a more significant cause. According to him after his troops killed half of the planet’s population the “children born have known nothing but full bellies and clear skies. It’s a paradise.” 

However, as per the fan theory revealed now everything said by Thanos to Gamora is a white lie. An Instagram post shared by the user handle txny_stxrk points out the details of Gamora when she was arrested in the Guardians of The Galaxy where it is stated that she was the last survivor of the Zehoberi race which is opposite to the Thanos’ claim that half of the Zehoberi race lives happily on the Gamora’s home planet. Check out the post below:


While there could be multiple possibilities of this theory, one being that Thanos was bluffing with Gamora, but this seems highly unlikely because he appeared quite genuine and emotional while interacting with Gamora. Still, let’s assume that he was lying, then Gamora’s soul wouldn’t have been accepted as Thanos must have lied regarding the part where he told Gamora that he has always loved her(daughter), despite all his despicable actions. The other possibility is highly probable, and that is of the continuity issue in MCU movies. As till now, almost 19 films have been released under MCU, and it is entirely plausible to miss out such a small detail while developing the story. We have also been told that plot of Avengers Infinity War has been changed several times to make it intriguing.

For, an instance in the post-credits scene of The Avengers when Thanos was first introduced it looked like his only motive is to collect infinity stones to please Death, however, in Avengers Infinity War his motivation has been more realistic which added gravitas to his character.

In a mammoth franchise like MCU, there is a high chance of popping up of this kind of errors which may fuel the imagination of any fan and give birth to wild theory regarding the upcoming movie. What are your views on this Avengers Infinity War theory? Do let us know in the comments below.

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