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Avengers Infinity War Mistakes made by the Avengers in beating Thanos

Avengers Infinity War ended with the Mad Titan Thanos successfully erasing half of the Universe with the remaining MCU heroes to mourn for the heavy loss. Thanos got a proper introduction in the movie after being teased earlier in Guardians of the Galaxy.

In Avengers Infinity war, many choices were made which lead to the victory of Mad Titan. It includes many incidents like Dr Strange agreeing with Iron Man to go on Titan. Spider-Man denying the decision of Iron Man telling him to go back home. Black Panther’s decision to open the shield around Wakanda. The decision of not letting Vision fight in Wakanda’s war. The decision of Hulk to not come out and many more. Whichever decision was made by the heroes, Thanos still defeated them and achieved his goal successfully. Now, they will be figuring out how to reverse the finger snap in Avengers 4.

But if they have made the right decisions, this wouldn’t have happened. Some Avengers Infinity Wars Mistakes are mentioned below and how could they have overcome it. These are the ways in which Avengers could have stopped Thanos in the movie.

Heimdall sending Thanos in Deep Space

Heimdall and Thanos Photo

Thanos could’ve been defeated in the start of the movie and the key to it could be Heimdall. In the very beginning of the Avengers Infinity War, Loki, Hulk, Thor and a wounded Heimdall were seen who were trying to defeat Thanos and his comrades. The power of Thanos was displayed when he thwarted the Hulk without even using the Power Stone. Just then, Heimdall did something which, if, was done on Thanos, would have led to his demise.

After the Hulk and Thanos little quarrel, Heimdall used dark magic to open the Bifrost and send the Hulk to Earth. After this act, Thanos killed him with a spear. He would have been alive if he would have used the trick to send Thanos into the deep space. Many incidents in GOTG and GOTG Volume 2 have shown us how adversely can deep space affect a species just like what happened to Ebony Maw in Avengers Infinity War. If he would’ve sent Thanos in deep space he would’ve been dead by now and even if the Power stone would have saved him from dying, it would’ve bought some time for thinking of a strategy to defeat him. This would’ve given Heimdall, a major MCU moment, instead of a quick death(precisely the first death).

Chopping off Thanos’ Arm with Magic

Thanos Photo

Not many were able to fight Thanos properly and give him a good fight but Doctor Strange was one of those who did give him a good fight. The Sorcerer supreme uses his magical skills in the combat with Thanos. Though Strange didn’t use the Time Stone against Thanos, he used many spells which hold Thanos back.

The very first spell which Doctor Strange can do is the forming of portals which can send people from one place to another. He used it to help Spider-Man hit Thanos from various directions. We all know that this spell is used to open a portal to transfer anyone from one place to another but another use of it was seen in the battle on Earth against Thanos’ children. In the Battle of Earth, when Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian came to the Earth, Wong opened up a portal which transferred the big child of Thanos, Obsidian, away from the Battle of New York. But it also did another thing which could’ve been used against Thanos.

When Obsidian was transferred he tried to make it back through the portal. But in the process, his arm got cut off when the portal gets closed. If Wong can do it, Doctor Strange should’ve used it against Thanos to cut off his arm so that it was difficult for him to use the gauntlet. It is possible that Mad Titan’s skin might be tough and hence can’t be cut but it was worth a shot as it would’ve have led to the victory of the Avengers.

Don’t Go to Titan!

Doctor Strange and Iron Man Photo

If the above idea of chopping the arm wouldn’t work, then how about not going to him at all? It was Iron Man’s idea to take the fight to him after he and Spider-Man defeated Ebony Maw and taking the control of Q-ship. If they would’ve gone back to Earth and met up with other Avengers, it would’ve been a better decision.

After going back to Earth and meeting up with the team, it would’ve given them more time to plan the strategy and increased power levels against the enemy in Wakanda. This would’ve led Thanos coming to Earth which would’ve given more power to the enemy side but as other Avengers movie has taught us that superheroes together can do a hell lot of better rather than a scattered team. Hence, the whole team as one could’ve been a better chance for the Avengers to win against the Mad Titan.

With all of the MCU heroes together int he Avengers Infinity War, they could’ve defeated the Mad Titan by switching on to offensive mode. Also, Thanos would still have 4 Infinity Stones and the Avengers would be having 2 of them, Time Stone and Mind Stone. Moreover, if they have Vision on their side, then the full force of the MCU would’ve made a mighty force to make it out just fine by defeating the Mad Titan.

Vision Taking part in Battle of Wakanda

Vision and Thanos Photo

Even if Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Spidey met up with the Guardian on Titan, the Battle of Wakanda would’ve been a success if they had used their most powerful hero in action i.e., Vision. Though he was incapacitated by Corvus Glaive’s spear for the whole movie, Scarlet Witch hexed him back together enough to help the team fight the Battle of Wakanda.

The Vision had shown great power in the past when he vaporizedUltronn, sliced a tower in half and disabled the War Machine suit from a great distance. Instead of trying to remove the Mind Stone from him, they should’ve used the time to completely heal him and let him help them to fight Thanos. In the Avengers Infinity War, the Avengers didn’t use any of the Infinity Stones against Thanos, Doctor Strange hid it and same is the case with Vision’s Mind Stone. If they would’ve used the stones against him, they would’ve had an upper hand on him. The combination of Thor and Vision was alone too powerful to defeat the Mad Titan. If we add Scarlet Witch on that, it would’ve been a powerful trio to take the Mad Titan down.

Even though each of the above suggestion is one of many possible ways that the Avengers would’ve won against Thanos, Marvel still got itself out of the criticism like these. With Strange’s vision of 14, 000,605 endings, all of the events, which according to him, will lead to the victory of the Avengers need to be unfold. So, no matter what these suggestions of defeating the Mad Titan would be one of those in which Thanos won somehow. Perhaps, this was done to unite the old Avengers, so that they will have a shot to undo what’s been done by Thanos and is called “perfect balance” according to him.

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