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Marvel releases New Character Posters & Hindi Dubbed Trailer for Avengers Infinity War

Marvel’s Avenger Infinity War will be the best crossover event you will ever witness!!

Everyone! Get ready to board the hype train as we are just a few weeks out of the universe’s most significant crossover event. We know being a Marvel fan, you can’t stop dreaming of the day when Avengers Infinity War will hit the theaters on April 27. The Disney’s marketing machine has set the wheels turning on full blast after months of secrecy and harshness. In recent weeks, the good amount of information has been provided by the cast and the dynamic director duo Russo Brothers. Also not to forget the epic trailer where we saw Thanos kicking the ass of Avengers.

Now, every one of you out there who have been thirsty and having sleepless nights over less information regarding the Avengers Infinity War, get ready as floodgates are about to open. Today’s new material doesn’t provide much information – it’s just a set of new posters uniting MCU heroes in different teams. At first glance, they may appear regular posters. However, folks at Vulture did a fantastic job while analyzing them. There are a lot of details hidden in them as you examine which characters have the Big Face and focus on the color scheme. It is pretty evident in all five posters that the center stage is taken by the first Avengers followed by the new generation. Along with that, the color of each poster is based on the six infinity stones that are bound to play the significant role.

Image via Marvel

Everything fits perfectly in all five posters with just one thing which may seem peculiar. That is Scarlet Witch getting featured as a principal character despite only appearing in supporting role in two movies, so it would be safe to conclude that she will have a much more substantial role to play in this one. It may be because of her boyfriend having an infinity stone, and this mystery will be solved only on April 27. The other posters depict familiar faces however Antman and Hawkeye are still missing from the scene. This swells up the curiosity that why these to essential characters haven’t made any appearance till now.

Apart from fabulous posters, Marvel India also revealed the Hindi dubbed version of Avengers Infinity War trailer, and this makes it clear that they are not leaving any stone unturned for this magnum opus. The trailer comprises of exceptional dialogues and strong voice actors backing the character like Thanos in the Hindi language. However, the cherry on the top was when we got a confirmation that Rana Dagubbati will be dubbing the voice of Thanos for the Telugu version.

Marvel and Disney are putting their maximum effort behind it and with each new trailer, poster and news that is apparently evident. With just 30 days left the wait for the movie is keeping us on the edge of our seats.

Image via Marvel

Image via Marvel

Image via Marvel

Image via Marvel

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