Since childhood I had a dream, a dream to see a group of remarkable people together on the big screen. That dream finally came true on April 27. To be honest, when I was young, I always imagined Justice League on the big screen fighting evil guys. However, in last ten years, DC lost its way, and we all found love and warmth in the characters created by Stan Lee. Marvel Studios has been able to build a universe that has given us a blend of mix emotions like hope and tears of joy and sorrow as we formed a connection with each superhero. Now finally the seed sown by Kevin Feige and Robert Downey Jr. is standing tall as a full grown tree leading to Avengers Infinity War. The Avengers Infinity War is the most significant crossover event and pulling that off is a humongous task. The directors Russo Brothers showcased a class act which keeps you engaged and makes you feel every small moment of it. So, let’s go deeper into the story and find out what is remarkable about the movie of which everyone is talking nowadays.

Is Avengers Infinity War Truly a Marvel of Superhero Movies?

The story of Avengers Infinity War is the culmination of 10 years of Marvel Cinematic universe which began in 2008. The plot of the movie, for the most part, focuses on building the character of Thanos and what is the motive behind his actions. We follow him in his search of Infinity Stones which will enable him to achieve his ultimate goal of a perfectly balanced universe. Thanos is the most potent villain Marvel has brought to life till date, and you somewhat agree with his logic and thinking. We got the first glimpse of Mad Titan Thanos in the post-credits scene of the first Avengers. After that, each of the major movie tries to develop a story around him and chaos in each of them is directly or indirectly caused by Thanos to get his hands on the Infinity Stones. The movie brings all the characters from different movies together be it Guardians of Galaxy, Black Panther, Spiderman and so on to fight the most powerful villain they have ever known.


The plot of the movie shines when various characters are grouped and sent to different locations. You as an audience get to see the chemistry between characters like , Starlord Iron Man and Doctor Strange which adds to the fun element of the story. In span of almost 2.5 hours, you never get to see all the superheroes in one place, and the best part is movie never lets you feel that. As the story progresses you get to see the different aspects of Thanos as a character and during various scenes, you feel for him. The Russo Brothers did a fantastic job in creating this magnificent screenplay that gives equal space to each of the 30 characters, and you never feel that one is overpowering another.

Different groups in the movie follow their arc which leads to a tremendous yet shocking end. Out of these groups, the one that shines out bright and keeps you on the edge of your seats is that of Iron Man, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, and Starlord. The scenes having them are not only full of action but also have an equal amount of humor. The jump between various stories taking place at different locations is smooth throughout the movie keeping one or two scenes aside.


The movie picks up the pace from the get-go and stakes are kept high from the very beginning. From the first scene itself, you fear the character of Thanos and that keeps you on the edge of your seats as anything out of your imagination can take place anytime putting your favorite Superheroes in grave danger. The children of Thanos aka Black Order has their moment in the movie, but from the group, the one that outperformed all is Ebonie Maww. He is another powerful villain who has a right way with his words. Apart from Thanos other characters are not explored that much as we already know about them and have seen them in their respective movies.

There are a whole lot surprises throughout the movie, and each one leaves you in awe and make you cheer. The thing that makes Avengers Infinity War stand out from other superhero movies is the balance Russo Brothers have maintained in showing each character on screen. On top of it, you get a villain like Thanos who is more human than an alien as you feel his emotions. He cries and even smiles for the things he loves the most in his life. Talking about Superheroes from the considerable number, that shine and make you go wow are Thor, Doctor Strange, and Spiderman. Thor steals the thunder from all the other characters because he is the only real God who can give Thanos run for his money. Alongside him, Doctor Strange and Spiderman bring a next level magnificence and power to the story.


The story is packed with elements full of suspense and has one of the controversial endings which may not be liked by everyone. Compared to other Marvel movies the Avengers Infinity War is undoubtedly a darker one however it has a right amount of humor embedded in it. Powerful story by Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus is backed with an enigmatic background score that increases the tension in every scene. With so many positives there are few flaws in the movie that stops it from achieving the status of an epic film. The characters like Captain America, Black Panther, didn’t bring much to the table and appear half-baked. The ending could have been little crispier by leaving the audience at the spot where they had to spend their whole next year anticipating the move of Marvel Studios.

On the whole Avengers Infinity War is once in a lifetime experience where villain outshines all the superheroes with his performance as well as strong character development. After watching the movie, you will undoubtedly fall in love with the direction done by Russo Brothers which keeps you engaged that you can’t afford to even blink your eyes. The movie leaves you with perfect cliffhanger after watching that you go through the number of emotions and immediately find yourself thinking about the Avengers 4.