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Avengers Infinity War: Is Stormbreaker the Darkhorse?

Ever since the spellbound audience watched the scene in avengers infinity war where Thor’s brand new hammer goes up against the power of all six infinity stones, holds its own and not just that but beats their sparkly energy blast, there has been only one thought in our minds.Can Thor’s new hammer Stormbreaker beat all the infinity stones and finish the mad titan once and for all?

Avengers Infinity War: Is Stormbreaker the Darkhorse?

The power of Stormbreaker can be ascertained from the fact that, Thor’s last hammer Mjolnir which was one of the most powerful weapons ever built but was blown apart by Hela who was or is* probably no match for the power of the infinity stones combined together and yet Stormbreaker remain unfazed after its lightening duel with the infinity stones.  It did not even appear to be slowed by the powerful blast of the infinity gauntlet backed up by all the infinity stones.

Avengers Infinity War: Is Stormbreaker the Darkhorse?

Unlike in the comics where a totally different hero wields the powerful weapon, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of the famed Hammer was forged by Tyrion Lannister….cough cough(or something better) Eitri, quite possibly the last of the “dwarfs”. According to Eitri, Stormbreaker is the most powerful weapon ever built by the dwarfs for Asgard.

We don’t yet even know the full extent of Thor’s powers in Infinity War. Only recently in Ragnarok, Thor discovered his new potential. We cannot say definitely how powerful he can be at his best. Also in the comics it has been claimed that if Odin had been alive then Thanos would have stood no chance against the Asgardian allfather.

Avengers Infinity War: Is Stormbreaker the Darkhorse?

If we know one thing about Thanos, it is that he is no ordinary villain. Yet In the movie when Thor wounds Thanos in the chest, the Titan mocks him by saying that he should have gone for the head which leads us to believe that Thanos himself believes/admitted that he is indeed killable by the mighty Stormbreaker if struck in the head.

Also it remains to be seen if the Universe altering snap damaged or in some way weakened power of the infinity stones or the mighty gauntlet which they adorn. In which case it seems all the more possible that Stormbreaker can indeed beat the infinity stones.

Avengers Infinity War: Is Stormbreaker the Darkhorse?

There are also other theories doing the rounds on internet that Eitri specifically built Stormbreaker to kill Thanos and the stones for revenge against the mad Titan for killing his people.

It also remains to be seen whether Thor who has until recently been on the side-lines in Infinity War, will be the ace in the hole and steal the limelight from everyone else with his new hammer befitting his title as the King of Asgard.

So can the Stormbreaker, the weapon of kings beat the infinity stones?

We have to wait for Avengers 4 to have a definitive answer. Until then, all we have is speculation.

*The fate of Hela has been left uncertain by MCU.

Author: Ekansh Baweja


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