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New ‘Avengers Infinity War’ Trailer Prepares For the Battle With Mad Titan Thanos

Each trailer, image of Avengers Infinity War is carrying so much emotions as a dire fan of superheroes when you see them, and a tear of joy accompanied with goosebumps is must to happen. The new trailer for the upcoming extravaganza was revealed a few hours back, and it almost broke the YouTube as it has stopped counting the views as people are going crazy over it. This is the power of good entertainment and movies that have only received positive reviews for almost ten years now. The excitement throughout the world is surmounting, and every one is ready to witness the most anticipated battle between Avengers and their nemesis Thanos.

What’s New In Avengers Infinity War Trailer ?

The trailer leaves you breathless and gives you goosebumps at the same time. You try to get the glimpse of each of the superhero with whom you have spent ten years of your life. The film has every principal actor of this era in it, and by this, you can assume what we are going to witness in another 40 days. It opens with Gamora telling about his father Thanos, that how powerful he is and has only one agenda to destroy the universe and if he gets all the infinity stones he can wipe it out by just snapping his fingers.

This trailer brings significant characters across the MCU universe together as for the first we see Star-lord interacting with Tony stark as prior one completely rubbishes the later one’s plan but in a polite manner. We also get a good look at the Dark order of Thanos who will be helping him to destroy Earth and it looks like Loki being an opportunist has joined them. The trailer also offers a fair bit of comedy in between lots of action sequences. However, we haven’t seen Antman in the trailers till now, and I wonder where he is and also Hulk is also missing from this one. The scene where bearded Captain blocks Thanos from punching him is pure bliss, and you will have the same reaction which Thanos is having at that moment.


Again, not much is given about the plot of the movie in the trailer, and that’s where they have won half the battle. Each scene will be a surprise for a fan during the movie. Also, many fans are worried about the consequences of this film on whole Marvel universe. We can just confirm that there will be consequences no doubt and we may lose one or two of our beloved superheros so please keep the napkins handy during screening. There is a lot of hype around this one, and my heart beats faster as we get closer to the D-Day.

There is a lot more to talk about, and I can go on praising the trailer for god knows how long. Each trailer of Avengers Infinity War is ten times better than the whole DC universe put together at this moment (except Wonder Woman). It looks like Russo Brothers and every person involved in creating this gem has worked their asses off to make us entertain for few hours. So, all you fans around the world get your armors ready and let’s save the planet along our beloved Avengers on April 27th.



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