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AXL Trailer, A Sci-Fi Action Family Adventure

AXL is an upcoming sci-fi family adventure action movie, written and directed by acclaimed American Filmmaker Oliver Daly, who is a producer and writer too. Global Road Entertainment releases the trailer of the film above on youtube. AXL is all about The life of a teenage boy is forever altered by a chance encounter with cutting-edge military technology.


The movie brought us an old storyline from the 80’s family adventures like Fight of the Navigator and Short Circuit. It has got an entirely fresh storyline about a hapless teenage guy Miles (Alex Neustaedtar) who is a bike rider, slips upon a robotic progressive military dog named AXL. As the  AXL trailer opens showing Miles in a junkyard where he meets the dog. Graced with the pretty advanced artificial intelligence but with a heart of a dog, it gets connected with Miles emotionally, showing and guiding Miles with his owner pairing capability accepting him as his owner.

A swindler military scientist gets irritated when he gets to know about the bond the dog created with a stranger, is ready to do anything to get him back. The search begins like a scene in the trailer shows him quoting, “It is my dog, I want it back.” It is shown that they send helicopters, drones, and bet of their rescue teams to get the dog back. Having an insight of what can happen if the dog gets conquered by those military scientists, Miles incorporates with his smart, inventive and active infatuation Sara (BeckyG), to protect his new best friend on an ageless and epic adventure for the whole family. So begins the journey of a friend to save and protect the friend.

AXL ensembles cast Alex MacNicoll, Eric Etabari, Donnie Smith, Madeline Bertani, Maggy Vick, Nico Guardado, Ashley Gibson, Dominic Vedder, Jonathan Camp, Stanton Lee and Sam Upton. The movie will hit the theatres on 24 August 2018.




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