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B: The Beginning Review – A little Confusing Yet Compelling, Anime Thriller Series

B: The Beginning a Netflix original anime series which got released a week back and is of classic sci-fi, thriller genre. The series is directed by Kazuto Nakazawa who served as an Assistant Director on Kill Bill Vol. 1. The series has rare similarities with Death Note, but is darker and grittier version with violence and bloodshed sprinkled on top. The beginning is confusing, but with each episode, you begin to immerse in the compelling thriller.

What is B: The Beginning about?

The story revolves around Keith, a police officer known for his intelligence but has a weird personality and serial killer B (aka Thirteen) who leaves behind a unique mark after killing his prey. The first episode opens with a horrifying scene where goons are chasing an already beaten and tormented girl. Soon they grab her and as they advance on slicing her someone attacks them. At that moment we are introduced to winged black king aka Killer B. He possesses superhuman strength and an arm which turns to a blade when he requires. The downside of the series is that it sets in motion too quickly as for first two episodes you try to grasp what is happening and why it is happening and who is who.

As the story progresses, we are introduced to the main character Keith Flick who was off duty because of the brutal murder of his sister by Psychopath and now is returning to duty after a long time. With increase in killings police are set on task to find the killer and put all this to rest. In another narrative we are introduced to an evil group of people appears who to have a hand in every mishap and are known as Market Maker. They are known for controlling the government and overturning the social status of the country. The group led by Minatsuki is also behind Koku (aka B) and as the chase begins to bring him out the story gets more gritty and exciting.


With each episode, mysterious layers are peeled off, and you get to witness the actual plot. As a viewer, you get to know the real reason for killings Koku has committed and understood his pain. Slowly the real story arc behind Koku and Market Makers is revealed, and every piece in the big puzzle starts falling in the right place. And finally, the real face of evil is shown, and you get to know what Keith has known for a quite a long time. With each episode, every question which sprouted in your mind is beautifully tackled. However, too many plot-lines running parallel, in the beginning, make it a confusing watch.

Is B: The Beginning worth the watch?

The one who loves thrilling series which compels you to anticipate the next move, it is a must watch. We know that there is a confusing plotline for first four episodes, but after that, it is a fantastic ride which you want to see how it will end but when it nears its end you don’t want it to stop. The animation is superb, and soothing to eyes. Each character is well crafted and brings a different flavor to the thrilling series. You can connect with them and their underlying emotions. By the end, you will find out it is a lot more than action and mystery as the main antagonist puts Keith in the most severe situation which he couldn’t anticipate. The series leaves you with two choices and depends on you, to choose the ending which you like.

The background score in animes is like just another character which only progresses the story and brings the new perspective to it. The series has some compelling background and makes each scene more lively. The voice actors have done a reasonably good job. Directors and story writer has tried their best to give us a riveting story, and they succeeded somewhat in doing that. If first few episodes were as crispier as the other part, then it would have been a hell of series.

Final Verdict

B: The Beginning an elaborate and compelling thriller which will leave you at the edge. Watch it if you want to set your pulse racing and love putting the pieces of puzzle together. Finally, it is a series that could have been a masterpiece but is brought down by the confusing story-line in the beginning. Netflix can work on many things and make season 2 an extremely Thrilling series with everything entirely in place.

Rating – 3/5 stars


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