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Batman Gotham by Gaslight Review- Mediocre Story Dampens the Whole Experience

DC’s Batman has been the most popular character in the comic book world. There exist many versions of him set in different worlds known as Elseworld. The last few years have been tough for both the character & DC as well. DC universe flopped, and the only rendition of the Batman which we love the most is of Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale’s Batman. However, DC’s animated movies have been able to save the grace of world’s most celebrated & coolest detective.


On January 23rd DC animations released Batman: Gotham by Gaslight in which we see our favorite Superhero in the Victorian era in else world. The storyline revolves around an antagonist who is on a rampant spree of killing women in Gotham. The killer is known as Jack The Reaper who only targets women trying to make their living in the city in ways which in his view are downgrading for society. The mystery thickens as innocent women keep dying and bodies are mutilated to get the organs. Batman investigates and narrows it down to the person who is very elite and well known in Gotham. After this moment story loses it track as it doesn’t build upon the mystery. While solving the case, Bruce Wayne finds himself in the terrible situation as police arrest him after murder of drunkard old women who had a quarrel with him in one incident.

The fascinating thing about the movie is that you see Batman beating the shit out of gangsters without using tech. In this film, you will see him majorly as a detective who is good with hands as well as the mind.

In the beginning, it engages you well, and you also try to solve the mystery. However, the story lets you down big time as the movie progresses. It completely lacks the element of surprise which a thriller like this should have and along with that ending leaves you feeling unfulfilled. Batman is known as the world’s greatest detective, but in this, he accidentally comes across the killer.


The character of Selina Kyle is the exciting one that tries to lend more depth to it. Apart from it, many aspects are just wasted, and they are there just to fill the screen. One example would be that of Harvey Dent who serves no motive in the story and stands against Batman for no particular reason.

However, series tries to make up for lacklusterness in the story by emphasizing more on the action sequences which are good. The scene where Batman fights Jack The Reaper on the top of hot air balloon is best one. The animation is quite nicely done, and it makes the movie little entertaining.

Overall, the movie fails to impress you with lack of powerful villain and improper development of the character of Batman whom we have loved from our childhood. He gives you feel of some superhero running in a cape around the town but not the dark knight who knows about everything.

Rating – 2.5/5 stars

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Cast & Director
Cast - Bruce Greenwood, Jennifer Carpenter, Anthony Head, Grey Griffin,
Yuri Lowenthal, Scott Patterson
Director - Sam Liu

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