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Matt Reeve’s ‘Batman’ Solo Movie Will Be A Reboot Without Ben Affleck

In past few days, a lot has happened in the DC comics first news broke out of Dian Nelson resigning from the post of president. Then in a matter of a day, we got an update that Geoff Johns is leaving the position of Chief creative officer and will go back to performing his duties as a writer and producer for the movies. Currently, Geoff Johns has been connected to film like Aquaman and has writing credits in it. The sudden shake-up in the DC is happening because of the ongoing AT&T-Warner Bros. Merger. Now, we have got another update that Matt Reeves directorial Batman solo movie (Batman Reboot) will no more have Ben Affleck portraying the role of the Caped Crusader rather; the movie will be a reboot of Batman franchise.

batman solo movie batman reboot

The reboot word itself makes us worry about the future of DC films because Batman (Batman Reboot) as the character will be getting its 5th reboot which is maximum for any character in the superhero genre. Multiple reboots undoubtedly bring down the interest of the audience in character itself.

The Batman solo movie was first announced in the year 2017 with Ben Affleck writing and directing the film. Soon, after he announced that he will be stepping down from the role of director and will act in the movie. As per the updates, Ben Affleck is entirely off the project, and Matt Reeves will proceed with a new actor. Matt Reeves narrowed it down to Jake Gyllenhaal for the role in Batman solo movie(Batman Reboot) however it hasn’t been finalised to date.

batman solo movie batman reboot

The director is known for his highly acclaimed movies like Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He is currently rewriting the story of Batman solo movie and the production is expected to begin by the end of 2019. The delays and changes in every project of DC have become a common thing lately and it has been a major setback.

A lot has changed in last few months for DC after their highly anticipated Justice League got tanked at the box office and was able to collect a meagre sum of 625$ million. The only positive till now for the DC comics is the success of Wonder Woman apart from that everything about DCEU has been messed up. The amount of movies that are being developed is quite massive, but the reason for worry is that no one is there to streamline these projects. In past 2-3 years, each of DC movie has suffered because of either director leaving the film or actor quitting it. Whereas on another side at Marvel everything is entirely in order with almost ten years of plan ready the disposal.

batman solo movie batman reboot

The road for DC is getting tougher day by day and now a lot depends on the success of Aquaman and Wonder Woman. As AT&T-Warner Bros. merger has been approved, we can expect the good amount of changes in the management in comic days. Maybe these changes will bring the best out of DC and we will get a powerful DCEU.

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