Telltale games revealed trailer for the fourth episode of the telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within’ second season. The episode name is “What Ails You?” and in this, Bruce Wayne will face extreme loss and his web of enemies will uncover and his old alliance starts to bud into new  rivalries. This episode will a step towards the conclusion of the story and the fifth episode will make the season end by Bruce Wayne solving all his problems.

Check The Trailer:


Batman The Enemy Within is the second season in Telltale’s Batman Series. It shows the Bruce Wayne fighitng with its inner demons and evils. With the return of old enemies Riddles, federal agent and Joker, Batman must navigate uneasy alliances. This game is a best click-point adventure game, Telltale’s adventure always has a direct impact on the direction of the narration of the story. The choices you make during the conversation and actions shape the story and relationship in the game. This format is also going well for the Batman fans.

This episode will available on 23 January 2018.

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