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Batman:The Telltale Series ,Now On Switch

Nintendo Switch is the perfect gaming gadget and becoming famous at an enormous rate. Big games are releasing on it and many will. Earlier this week Telltale made an announcement. 2016’s  Batman: The Telltale series will be available on Nintendo Switch on November 14.

You’ll able to pick up physical game from the shop or able to download the game from the Switch eShop. Telltale’s Batman is currently in its second season on other platforms which will also be available is Switch later.


There are five episodes in the first season which will available on Switch :

 1. Realm of Shadows
2. Children of Arkham
3. New World Order
4. Guardian of Gotham
5. City of Light 

This game has positive feedbacks so it will be the success for Telltale to have this game on Nintendo Switch. Take a look at the Trailer:

Credit: Nintendo

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