Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Battle Royale is coming to Warface

(Credit: Steam)

You know about the huge success of PlyerUnknown’s Battleground and its Desert map with shrinking play zone. Crytek announced the Battle Royale expansion to their futuristic free to play game Warface.


Their no official release date announced. This will available with next update of the game.It will available for the only limited time.

Main Features

1). Its map will be the largest PvP map ever in the game.

2).From the early footage, it is looked like the game only supports 16 players at one time.

3). There will plenty of achievements to unlock.

4). There will be each man for himself.

5).With Battle Royale,  here you will have it: quick-paced combat with an element of the unknown.

6). You’ll never know which gun will you get.

If you don’t have the game, it’s free to download it and so practice to survive the battle royale.



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