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Battlefield V Returns To World War II- Battlefield V Gameplay Trailer, Release Date, DLC

Finally, Electronic Arts revealed the brand new game in Battlefield franchise after two years of Battlefield 1. The new game is known as “Battlefield V” and it is making a return to the World War ll in its own way. Battlefield V will focus on squad-based gameplay like the cooperative mode of Fortnite and many other games. The game doesn’t have a Battle Royale mode which is famous nowadays but has an improvised multiplayer mode.

Battlefield V Gameplay Trailer:

Battlefield V Setting

Battlefield 5 or Battlefield V takes place during the World War 2. The EA said its a homecoming for the game. The game will cover the war areas that are not depicted in any other war movies and games.

Battlefield V
Source: Electronic Arts

“We’ve all been through the beaches of Normandy,”  “We’ve been there, we know what it’s about. We wanted to deliver an unexpected take on the second World War, to portray the era through unseen locations and untold stories.” In other words, expect a thematic continuation of BF1’s globe-spanning presentation of World War 1″ senior producer Andreas Morell said.

Battlefield V Release Date

Battlefield V release date has been locked for October 19. It will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The Open beta of the game will take place on October 11 and the deluxe edition of the game will release on October 16.

Battlefield V Game Modes

Battlefield V
Source: Electronic Arts

Battlefield 5 Grand Operation is more evolved multiplayer campaign mode with rules and map layouts. Matches in the Grand Operation mode will take in four frictional days with their own narratives. The story of each day will be connected to other. On the first day, the player will have to take out anti-aircraft artilleries. The performance of each day will effect on the choices of resources, respawns and vehicles for the next day. On the second day, you will try to reclaim the many sectors of Rotterdam and by the third day, you can claim the victory if another team is completely defeated. Otherwise, the fourth day is called the Final Stand and it will the most difficult in the whole operation. You will have one life, one primary weapon with limited ammo. So it will be a match against death to claim the victory.

2). Battlefield V Tides Of War

Battlefield V
Source: Electronic Arts

Another new mode is called Tides Of War and it is “live service” according to DICE. It is the continuous online campaign in which players will experience the various narrative of the World War 2 era never seen before. This mode will be evolving as you keep playing more missions. There will be a new single-player storyline with progression tree, upgrades, customization and unlockable cosmetics. There will be paint jobs, a trial with tanks and upgrading them throughout the game.

“We don’t just want to give you stuff,” . “We want you to enjoy the journey.” Tides of War is the company’s effort to keep Battlefield feeling fresh, challenging, and rewarding. Dice also promises not to do any additional paid add-ons for Battlefield V, saying, “If you’re gonna stay together as a squad, you gotta be able to play the same stuff.” DICE said

3). Battlefield V Single Player – War Stories Are Back

Like Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, Battlefield V is not going to drop the single-player campaign from the game. War stories are returning to the game, the single-player campaign will narrate t the various war stories from the untold war locations ever. From the concept arts, it looks like, the single-player mode will have freezing lands of Norway, dry lands of North Africa and the French countryside location. There will be more untold war locations in the single-player campaign.

Battlefield V

Source: Electronic Arts

One of the war stories is been teased by a short trailer in which Norwegian resistance fighter trying to protect her family during the 1943 war of German Occupation. This time war stories will play with more emotions and struggle of various fighter from the various untold locations of World War 2.

Conquest, Frontlines, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Breakthrough from Battlefield 1 are also returning to the Battlefield V multiplayer mode.

Stick With Squad

Battlefield V
Source: Electronic Arts

This time Battlefield will have squad-based gameplay and the gameplay mechanics of the game are also based on the squad. This time you’ll not have not much ammo for the guns and you’ll have to depend on squad members for that. Heath in the game will not increase by hiding or stay away from a fight. You’ll have to ask your squad for medic supply or healing. Regardless the player class every squad member will able to heal you. You can also your squadmates behind the covers to revive them easily and can blend over them to see them from face to face.

You’ll automatically join a squad upon joining a match. The squad chat will stay active in loading screens, main menu and while leaving the match. After death, you will able to see your squad mates through a death camera and can choose a squad mate to spawn near them. Squad leaders will have radio calling feature to the commander of previous Battlefields.


In the game, every soldier will have their own toolkit to build the sandbags, machine guns, trenches and many things to form a cover. But you won’t able to build anytime or anywhere. You will only repair the destroyed fortification to have a cover.

New Animation And Improvised Gameplay

In Battlefield 5 you’ll able to slide in prone to sideways and backward positions. The Soldier’s movements will be affected by the terrain type. Players will lose balance on uneven grounds, will slip in the muddy or wet area and will slam into covers. DICe has improved more visuals. When you will resupplying ammo from ammo box, you’ll see your hands grabbing the magazines and you’ll able to track grenades in mid-air. Apart from these, you will able to crash through windows, mantle over ledges. When you’ll ask for a medic from squadmate, you’ll see your hand grabbing the medic kits. Destruction of the buildings is also improved in the game.

Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode

Currently, there is no Battle Royale Mode in Battlefield 5 has been introduced and will not be at the game.

“There’s no hiding that there are a lot of conversations in the studio saying ‘its a perfect fit for Battlefield‘ because of all-out war and destruction, you name it it’s in there. So there’s definitely been talks about it, but at this point, it’s talks and nothing to mention.”  Gustavsson said.

So you can expect Battlefield V Battle Royale after the game launch as post-release contents.

No Premium Pass

There will no paid expansions or premium passes in the game. Everything including maps will absolutely free in the game. Only the cosmetics in the game will be paid.

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