Days of Ben Affleck as The Batman May Come to an End

With the DC Universe further plummeting to an end and with every film not going well with the audience and the fans, fans were surprised and disheartened to know that the days of Batman with the face of Ben Affleck coming to an end. With a rough past of the DCEU, multiple reboots Batman and the Superman franchisees were much loved by the fans, and DCEU also made a crossover-film Justice League revolving around the incidents of Batman and the Superman. But DCEU may have other plans, with some management changes in DC and with some new writers, we may see some serious changes coming… Again.

Ben Affleck Batman

The audience much loved the Batman Franchise with the face of Ben Affleck and the fans in a long time saw DC universe going forward.

DCEU faces management changes

But with the news of Geoff Johns stepping down as the president and chief creative officer of DC Entertainment, and The Batman being developed by the writer/director Matt Reeves, the character is most likely to get a reboot and won’t feature Affleck, and the report was confirmed once again recently.

The Hollywood Reporter released a piece this morning about DC films president Walter Hamada and the direction in which he wants to take the franchise moving forward. It said many things about how he wants things to move forward and also spoke much about the projects currently in development including The Batman.

Ben Affleck Batman

According to THR, Reeves turned in the first look of The Batman over Memorial Day weekend. This new look of Batman is said to be based on a younger version of Bruce Wayne, as opposite to the character played by Affleck. Because of this change, it suggests that its unlikely Affleck will be donning the Cape for the fourth time.

Still, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have yet to confirm or deny these reports. But the doubts of Ben Affleck’s future as Batman have been floating around for a while. While initially, the star was hired to not only to act as Batman but also to write and direct a solo film. Last year, the actor was removed from his role of writer/director and was given to Matt Reeves. But with the Ben Affleck’s Batman storyline liked by the fans and with strong roots, the ad character development went forward; it’s a surprise to the fans and an utter disappointment for them. Even a younger Bruce Wayne’s life may be lacking some detailing, but with Wonder Woman being a hit at the box office, fans were expecting to see some more crossovers and a character developments with each other in the universe.

What do you think about these reports? Do you agree that Ben Affleck is gone for good or it’ll bring down the franchise already struggling to keep itself alive? Do let us know your views in the comment section below.

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