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Best Fortnite Quadcrusher Vehicle Tricks, Quadcrusher Location in Fortnite Map

Fortnite update v6.10 has brought novelty of items to the game. The latest update for the game has included all new Quadcrasher vehicle. Players and Fortnite fans have already started experimenting with the new vehicle and while observing the players, one can truly say that it has very interesting mechanics and gameplay

The official description for the Quadcrasher by the Epic games has been mentioned as Propel yourself and a friend into battle with this new two-seater vehicle” – doesn’t give much away.

The word propel literally stands for its word, as you can do crazy tricks with the vehicle in the air.

Quadcrusher Vehicle Tricks

Quadcrusher Vehicle

Supported by a thruster at the rear end, Quadcrusher can work as a jet for a small duration of time, when you run it over the hill or slope

Below we are sharing some amazing tricks and videos, which have been performed by the Fortnite players using the all-new Quadcrasher vehicle

Best Fortnite Quadcrusher Vehicle Tricks

Where to find Quadcrusher Vehicle in Fortnite?

Quadcrusher vehicle all locations and spawning are not completely known yet. But you can find yourself one near the Loot Lake. Once we accumulate more data about its location, we will update you the same

If you have not checked the patch notes for the Fortnite update v6.10, you can grab all the details from the link below

Read This: Epic Games Fortnite Update v6.10 patch notes full details

Also, lots of bugs have been fixed in the Fortnite update v6.10 and the performance of the game has been improved further.

The latest update of the game has included all new Tournament mode, which allows all the players of the world to compete with each other in official tournaments bounded with certain rules.



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