Best Free Car Games for browser you should play

There are plenty of browser games out there that are tons of fun, even if you only have a few minutes. Maybe you’re stuck behind a desk at work and want to take a little-unsanctioned break, or maybe you’re bored at home with nothing better to do. Either way, the four games we’ve listed below are sure to help you kill at least a few minutes. We’ve selected everything from drifting to rocket launching and even getting a school bus license.

Drift Hunters 

This is a 3D game that harkens back to the days of 16- or 32-bit gaming with somewhat lame but cool graphics. Basically, you get to pick your car; then you go out on a time trial to rack up drift points. It’s rather simple with your basic controls being the arrow keys on your keyboard and the space button, but it’s pretty challenging at the same time. When we started, we found that the sheer challenge of drifting properly without crashing or just keeping control of the car was enough to keep us hooked. If you’re into drifting and like a challenger, Drift Hunters is one game that won’t let you down. (Best Free Car Games for the browser).

Best Free Car Games for browser

Rocket Robin

Unlike the other free racing games here, this is a game that will literally keep you busy for about 5 minutes. Be that as it may, it’s still one that you’ll want to come back to every time you’re bored. The purpose of the game is to see how high you can launch your rocket before it burns up then, once it reaches its maximum height, you get to see it come crashing to the ground. You get to stage the rocket boosters and drop off the first two stages, all while controlling the rocket to help keep it climbing as vertical as possible. It’s kind of addicting to a point, so don’t be surprised if you get hooked at first. (Best Free Car Games for the browser)

Best Free Car Games for browser

Forklift Frenzy

If you’re really looking to waste time, this is the game for you. In short, you’re a forklift driver that needs to move various pallets from one place to another. Seems simple, right? Well, each level is timed, and if you don’t move all the pallets in time, you lose. It can be mildly addicting for some reason. Controls are very simple – control your forklift with the arrow keys and use the spacebar to toggle control of the forks. Go ahead and give it a shot. It’s pretty fun. (Best Free Car Games for the browser)

Best Free Car Games for browser

School Bus License

School Bus License is challenging beyond what you would expect, and that’s part of what makes it so fun. There is a long list of levels with the initial levels being as easy as parking and a quick pick-up and drop-off while more intermediate levels require a bit of skill and patience. The bus is somewhat difficult to control as you must constantly work the steering wheel by pressing the left and right arrow keys as the wheel doesn’t return to center on its own. This is a game that will suck you in and next thing you know you’ve wasted 3 hours and missed dinner. It’s certainly well worth checking out though. (Best Free Car Games for the browser)

Best Free Car Games for browser


This is one of those addicting little games that, for some reason, encourages you to keep playing out of sheer hope that you can go a little further. When the game starts, you’re thrown into a car at speed on the autobahn, and the whole goal is to last as long as possible, zigging and zagging through traffic. One little mishap and that’s the game, which is exactly enough to make you want to start over and do it all over again. (Best Free Car Games for the browser)

Best Free Car Games for browser

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