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Top 3 Best IPTV Player for Windows PC, macOs in 2019

IPTV is incredibly famous over internet users as it delivers live television content. These days we have seen the rise of many web apps that provide Live TV facilities, but still, the craze of IPTV is not slowing down anywhere over the internet. The reason for the same is that many of the web apps which provide Live TV feature are paid or give access to a limited number of channels. The power of IPTV gives you access to an endless number of TV channels on your fingertips.

IPTV opens the door to an endless number of channels online. It also provides a list of channels based on your geolocation. You can also watch live sports on your favourite channel with the help of a good IPTV service.

There are many IPTV players available for television streaming, but users often get confused about which one they should exactly use and what are the underlying features, pros and cons of each web application. Well, don’t fret because we have done all the work for you and sorted out the best IPTV players available on the Windows platform.

To be safe while streaming through IPTV, it is important to use any good VPN service. We recommend you use IPVanish. It is one of the best VPN services available in the market. You can also use any VPN of your choice to watch the streaming. Down below we have listed down the best IPTV players for Windows, PC and Mac OS.

Best IPTV Player for Windows, PC, MacOS

1) VLC

VLC is one of the best media content players when it comes to watching movies or TV shows. It is extremely popular worldwide and provides some extremely smooth movie viewing experience. The best part of the VLC is that it is available on all the platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android. Also, the software is absolutely free and it does not have any spyware or ads.

To play IPTV via VLC you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

1) Open the VLC Media player

2) Click on the media tab

3) Click on Stream or CTRL + S

4) Then a window will appear, where you need to select the network tab and paste the streaming URL of your choice. There are many URL lists available on the internet. You can also use this link from Github.


VLC M3U Setup
Best IPTV Player Windows

You can download the latest version of VLC from the below-mentioned link.

 VLC Download Link

2) Kodi 

Kodi is one of the best free IPTV players for watching live TV channels. The best part of Kodi is it has a list of add-ons with the help of which you can watch live TV anytime.

But to access the Kodi IPTV functionality, you have to install IPTV clients on the application.

For that, you need to navigate the add-ons then go to the my-addons tab. Then click on PVR clients and enable & configure PVR IPTV Simple Client as shown in the image below.

Kodi m3u setup

Kodi m3u setup

Kodi m3u setup Kodi m3u setup Kodi m3u setup

You can download the Kodi Web application from below mentioned link

                                                 Kodi Download Link

3) Perfect Player

Perfect Player is another great choice to stream and play m3u files. With the help of the Perfect Player, you can stream live TV channels by adding the m3u file to the add tab.

Perfect Player M3U setup

It is the only player that has been designed for the sole purpose of streaming the URL playlist online. However, many users will find it a little difficult to play out streams on this application.

You can download the Perfect Player web application from the below-mentioned link.

Perfect Player Download Link

Simple TV

Simple TV is a media player which also allows you to watch m3u streams. But currently, Simple TV has been closed by the publishers. You will not receive any sort of update regarding the application. However, you can download the application from the link below.

Simple TV Download Link

Other notable mentions include SoPlayer, ProgDVB and Plex TV, but they are all paid software for streaming live TV channels.

If you wish to go through a paid channel you can download the SoPlayer from below mentioned link.

SoPlayer Download Link

Stremio is built in line with Kodi, so we can certainly hope that the developers of Stremio will include the feature of watching live stream channels in the coming future. In comparison with Kodi, Stremio is way better with its smooth UI and easy to install add-ons.

In our testing, VLC has outperformed every other application mentioned above. VLC is technically easy to use and serves a complete media solution for the customers.

Still, the lucidness of m3u streams is not up to the mark, but with the advancement in technology, one can expect that one will be able to live stream without any lag or hiccups in the coming future. Many of the streams available through m3u list stutter often, it is not easy to watch the live channels with easiness and fludity.

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