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Best Time to Book Cheaper Flights in 2019

Booking flights for vacation? Well, if you are the one who has already booked a flight, you must be aware of the fact that the cost of the flight booking my vary even it’s the same route you have traveled to. The cost may vary and sometimes, surprisingly, you have to pay almost double of the bucks you spent on the same journey. If you are new and finding for an affordable flight, you just need to play smart and don’t you worry, we’ve got your back. Here, we will be telling you the best time to book cheaper flight in 2019. The trick that we are about to share is all about the statics, so, it will work for sure.

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If you are not into the flight booking much, let’s tell you that, the price of the flight ticket depends completely on demand. The price fluctuates according to the season, according to the time and other factors too. Studying the historical flight data statics deeply, Skyscanner, the travel booking website, has created a report, where it mentioned the best time to book seats.

Best Time to Book Cheaper Flights in 2019

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Firstly, talking about the best month to book the ticket. Skyscanner mentioned that the best month to book the flight can be January, as, in this month, demands for the flights are least. The best deals can be grabbed in January followed by the month of February, and March.

Best Time to Book Cheaper Flights in 2019

So, you need to plan vacation accordingly. Skyscanner also mentioned the timings to book the ticket, to get the flight booked in cheapest price possible. According to the website, the best day to book the flight is Sunday and to get the best deal book near around 5 am. Keep in mind, the timings are according to US time zones, the website didn’t mention the exact time zone, but let’s take it 5 am ET.  

Planning for the vacation? The best month to schedule the flight in January and if possible book the ticket 4 to 5 months earlier. So, what are you waiting for? Set the alarm for this Sunday, and get the best deals.

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