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Best weapons in PUBG Mobile | Best PUBG Mobile weapons

Best PUBG Mobile Weapons –

PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale game which is being played by millions of player around the globe, especially the PUBG Mobile which is currently the most popular mobile game with millions of active players. PUBG is all about survival, strategy, and weapons. PUBG comes with a variety of weapons from categories namely, Sniper rifles, Assault rifles, Submachine guns, Shotguns, Pistols, Melee weapons, and every weapon has its importance in a situation, like sniper rifles are powerful and effective for long range, but can’t be used in short range fights. To get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner title you need to get the best weapon. We have mentioned the best weapon in each category, so, here’s, best weapons in PUBG Mobile.

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You can check out the best weapon in each category and the reason why we considered it best.

Best weapons in PUBG Mobile –



Best PUBG Mobile weapons

Pistols in PUBG Mobile may not be seen as an important weapon, but as we have mentioned earlier every weapon in PUBG has its own importance, so does have pistols. Pistols can be used in close combat in a sniper only game, where you can’t use sniper accurately in a close range, or think of a situation where the enemy is near you and all you have is a pistol, a pistol can make you survive the situation. Talking about the best pistol in PUBG Mobile.

  1. P18C –

P18C is a really good pistol with high firing rate at full auto. The damage is little lower than other pistols, but the firing rate of bullets wins the game.

  1. P92 –

P92 is a semi-automatic pistol which is also a good pick in a sniper only game. Fire rate is lesser than the P18C but deals with more damage.



Best PUBG Mobile weapons

Shotguns like every weapon in PUBG should not be ignored at all. Shotguns are the best weapon to deal with a nearby enemy, the damage offered per bullet is very high in shotguns, though the high damage is limited to very short range only.

  1. S12K –

The first choice for the best shotgun in PUBG is the S12K, which is really a good choice to deal with high damage.

  1. S1897 –

S1897 can be equipped with 5 bullet shells at a time, the damage offered is higher than S12K but the reason that it is the second choice is the manual reloading, which takes time.

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Best PUBG Mobile weapons

SMGs are easily available weapons in the battleground which can be used for close to medium range, though the range is not so effective. SMGs are best in fire rate and deals with a lot of damage in close range.

  1. UMP9 –

UMP9 is the best SMG overall, in terms of range, recoil, firing rate, and damage. UMP9 comes with a variety of attachment for improved performance, like grips, muzzle, scopes, and all.

  1. TOMMY GUN –

Our next pick is the Tommy Gun, which deals more damage and offers a higher range than any other SMG in the list, also can hold 50 bullets with the extended mag. The only drawback is that scopes, compensator and flash hiders can’t be used.

  1. VECTOR –

Vector is also a good choice if you have decided to play with an SMG. Vector can be equipped using a range of scopes, grips, and muzzle like UMP9, but deals with a little lower damage as compared to UMP9, and the biggest advantage is the round limit, the normal mag comes with only 13 rounds, which goes to 25 rounds with extended mag.



Best PUBG Mobile weapons

Sniper rifles in PUBG are very hard to find, the sniper rifles have a high range,and can be used effectively from mid to high range. SRs deal with very high damage compared to any other rifle class which enough to knock down enemies in some couple of shots. To select the best sniper rifle the factors like range and damage per bullet matters the most.

  1. AWM –

The best sniper rifles in PUBG which has the highest damage per bullet as compared to other rifles. AWM offers a high range and the bullet speed high. The only problem with the AWM is that it is rare to find, and can be found only in the air drops

  1. M24 –

Our next pick in the best sniper rifle is M24, which have second highest damage and range after the AWM. The best part is that it can be found in the battleground, it won’t be a piece of cake to find one, but easier than equipment AWM.

  1. KAR98K –

Kar98K is also a good choice for a mid to high range and offers a high damage, though the damage is lower than the above two mentioned. The best part about Kar98K is that it can be found easily on the battlefield.



Best PUBG Mobile weapons

Designated Marksman Rifles or DMR are the single shot high ranged rifles which deal with a more per bullet damage as compared to assault rifles but less than sniper rifles, at long ranges.

  1. MINI 14 –

Mini 14 is our first pick in the best DMRs. Though the per bullet damage is lower than other DMRs like SKS, SLR, MK14, and even lower than AKM and Groza, the reason that Mini 14 is best among the DMRs is its stability and less vertical recoil even with no attachments, which makes it best DMR to use at long range fights.

  1. SKS –

Our second pick in the DMR list is the SKS, which deals with more damage than the Mini 14, where Mini 14 scores 46 points in per bullet damage, SKS scores 53 points in per bullet damage. The only reason that makes it runner-up is its high recoil at higher ranges. With required attachments, SKS comes out to be a better choice.

  1. MK14 –

MK14 is also a good DMR which deals with very high per bullet damage and scores 61. The only disadvantage that can be seen is the high vertical recoil which is hard to control at high ranges and it is available only in the air drops, means very hard to find. A good part about the MK14 is the auto mode, which is also good is short range fights.



Best PUBG Mobile weapons


Assault rifles are the most used weapons in PUBG. ARs work efficiently from short to mid range and can also be used at the high ranges too if handled correctly. In PUBG you get a number of AR to choose from. The best assault rifle can be selected on the basis of per bullet damage, stability, and range.

  1. M416 –

The best assault rifles in PUBG is M416 (5.56mm). The damage per bullet is less than AKM, but M416 is better in other aspects that we have considered above, like stability and vertical recoil. A number of attachments like grips and muzzle can be used to lower the vertical recoil and increase the overall stability. The rifle comes with auto and single bullet mode and is best in close to mid-ranged combats, but if you are not having any sniper rifles or DMRs, you can use it for high ranges with the single shot mode. Also, the various attachment like grips and muzzle can be used to lower the recoils making it more desirable AR. It can be said M416 is an all-rounder.

  1. AKM –

AKM is the second pick for the best AR in PUBG. AKM deals with highest per bullet damage among all, it scores 49 where M416 and other rifles score 43, but the high vertical recoil makes it runner-up in the list. AKM is best for the close range fights, satisfactory in medium range fights, but if are able to control the vertical recoil, AKM comes out to be an excellent weapon. Talking about the high range firings, it is very hard to control the recoil even at single shot mode, but the per bullet damage is high, so it can be used at long range too.

  1. M16A4 –

Next pick is the M16A4 rifle which fires 5.56mm bullets and king of all ARs in the long range fights. M16A4 fires rounds in two modes, that is, single and burst mode. Burst mode in M16A4 fires 3 rounds, which have high precision, so M16A4 can be used for long ranges, but using the rifles for close combats can be a nightmare, especially in PUBG Mobile, you can’t simply spray bullets as there is no auto-mode. M16A4 offers the same per bullet damage as M416.

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So, that’s all about the best weapons in PUBG Mobile. And the entries in the above list are our choice, do let us know in the comments section below your choices under every title.

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