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Beta sign-ups for PS4’s next major firmware update

PS4’s current firmware is v5.03 and sony is going to bring changes in the PS4’s next major firmware update v5.5 which is still unknown. The most recent major update was v5.0 which was released in October last year.

I still remember that sony earlier took beta sign-ups from India too for their firmware update.Sony is targeting North-America for the beta sign-ups, including Canada, Europe, and Japan for the first time.It is set to begin in February. Customers can apply to participate in the beta testing from now till the beta goes live which actually excludes Japan, as for that region,sign-ups are taking place till Jan 23.

If you are 18 years old, you are eligible, also whoever is going to sign up for the beta will be enrolled for future beta testing automatically, as it removes the hassle to register every time.Customers who are going to be enrolled will receive a PlayStation Network Exclusive avatar.

Let’s hope to see big changes from Sony with their PS4’s next firmware upgrade.

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