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Better Than People, First Russian TV series coming to Netflix

Netflix is reigning over traditional TV in almost all the homes, and we are observing original series under the Netflix banner from many countries, including India, Spain and others. Well, it is the first time, when Russian TV series “Better Than People”, will be released Worldwide, and that’s too under the banner of Netflix.

It is a 16-episode TV series which will be available worldwide, and the series has been set up in the futuristic world of androids.

Its release under Netflix banner means it will get huge promotions and millions of viewers, quoted by Eduard Iloyan, founder of online streaming service Start and general producer of Yellow, Black & White ( Production Company)

Better Than People – Netflix

Better Than People Netflix

The deal price between Netflix and the series production company is estimated around $1 million, but it has not been disclosed officially.

From the last couple of years, Russian content producers are eyeing on International sales rather than just focusing on the Russian Market.

Iloyan has quoted that ” “While previously, international distribution was just a status thing for Russian producers, now it’s been turning into a real business”

It would be really interesting to see the response of this series Worldwide, and also how actively Netflix takes steps to push this first Russian content to its millions of users.


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