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Beyond The Clouds Trailer Gives A Glimpse of Gripping Emotional Drama

Zee Studios debuted the trailer of Beyond The Clouds a film by acclaimed Iranian director Majid Majidi. He will be making his debut in Indian film industry with a story that dwells on the adoration of love, life, and nuanced human relationships. His earlier work includes movies like The Song of Sparrow and Children of Heaven both of which try to focus on social issues. The film was announced last year on 10th February when A.R. Rahman who has composed music for it posted an image on a social media platform.

The movie was in the news for a long time for other reason also and that being the debut film of Ishaan Khatter(stepbrother of Shahid Kapoor). Having watched the trailer, we can say that he has made an apt choice to begin his career with a film that focuses on a story rather than gimmicks. Mehran Kashani and Majid Majidi have written the beautiful story which will leave you spellbound.

The plot revolves around a brother & sister who has lost their parents at a very young age. The character of Amir portrayed by Ishaan has an aspiration to make it big in life while living in the city of dreams, Mumbai. However, his ambitions take him to the wrong path and soon he finds himself entangled between gangsters & cops. His sister Tara played by Malavika Mohanan tries to save him from being caught by the police, and that incident lands her in the jail. She has only her brother to count upon who can get her out of this. Overall story will be an out and out emotional drama that may bring tears to your eyes.


Both the debutant actors look promising in their respective roles. There is entirely a chance that Ishaan may steal all the limelight from his co-star, as him being a well-known name. But we hope that when the film releases both of them would share the outcome equally.

Apart from reputed director at the helm of the movie another plus is that we will again listen to mesmerizing tunes of the Mozart of Madras, A.R. Rahman. The background score in the trailer was enough to give you goosebumps and increase your anticipations for the music.

The film has only positives vibes around it and everything looks just perfect. However, we will have to wait until March 23 when it will hit the theatres throughout India.


Beyond The Clouds Cast and Official Synopsis
Cast - Ishaan Khatter, Malavika Mohanan, Gautam Ghose, GV Sharada, 
Dhwani Rajesh, Amruta Santosh Thakur and Shivam Pujari

Synopsis - Teenager Amir is constantly dodging trouble while dealing 
drugs in the underbelly of Mumbai. Following a drug bust, he evades 
the cops and ends up on the doorstep of his estranged sister Tara. 
Complications from concealing Amir land Tara in jail, but she still sees 
her brother as her only hope of living in the outside world again. While 
their lives have been darkened by despair, hope may shine from beyond 
the clouds.

Source - IMDB

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