The streaming service industry is evolving at breakneck speed, and lots of content is being released to grab the attention of viewers. Streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon prime video are the front-runners in this race across the globe. These two giants have been able to make a special place in Indian population’s life with their original content. Following the trend of original web series many other entertainment companies also jumped at the opportunity, and now we have services like Alt Balaji, Viu, Voot, etc. fighting for our utmost attention. Now an existing player HOOQ has joined the race for original content with the launch of five originals on their platform. Bhak, a series directed and written by independent filmmakers Arjun Chatterjee and Shreyom Ghosh is India’s entry on this platform.

Hooq is a joint venture of Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, and Singtel which is trying to make its presence felt in India. In a recent interview with Indian Express both the directors discussed regarding their upcoming series, Bhak on the platform and their views on the streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, and Hooq. On discussing regarding the difference between platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hooq, Shreyom said “Most of the other platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, almost always go with known directors and faces all the time. Over here, on Hooq, we have an opportunity. They are banking on unknown people with real talent.”

Completely agreeing with them, platforms like Hooq, Voot, Alt Balaji, etc. are providing these young filmmakers an opportunity for which otherwise they had to struggle half of their lives. While adding more about their debut series, the creators told that the story of Bhak revolves around their experiences and stories they have heard during their struggle in Bollywood. The series will be a comedic take on these circumstances faced by every aspirant filmmaker, trying to make it big in this industry. Bhak stars fresh faces in the titular role as both the directors want to show that their characters are much more potent than the actors and they don’t need any famous face to make it big.

The increasing competition in the entertainment industry is boon for the general audiences and newcomers who want to make it big. The series like Bhak surely make an interesting watch while relaxing over the weekend. You can watch the latest episodes of the Bhak on HOOQ application.